Make Your Own Kind of Music by Polarbear

  • "Make Your Own Kind of Music" 09-23-2005
    Locke hasnt made many friends in his quest for the hatch but he holds true to his faith.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Mama Cass
    Vidder: Polarbear
    Length: 2:27 (11.8MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: John Locke


  • D.N.P. posted on 10.11. at 08:45
    Like many have already said in this thread, I was surprised to see how well the lyrics fit Locke, who's always "making his own kind of music".

    I enjoyed this vid a lot, especially the last part. Locke Rocks, lol.

    Great work.
  • fallen_angel posted on 04.10. at 05:56
    let's just remember who gave Nate his cocky-ness title i'm thinking i will now live to regret it
  • Polarbear posted on 04.10. at 05:50
    Thanks Nate Hope you don't mind me impersonating you I think I was probably very tired/drunk when I wrote that. Nah who am I kidding I'm insane lol
  • lostzilla posted on 04.10. at 05:14
    ah cant belive I havent posted on this thread.
    The vid rocks Pauly, fits Locke perfectly. I like the part where the cursor stop blinking and then it said Lock rocks. LOL great job.

    Nate-esque cockyness?? LMAO
  • Polarbear posted on 26.09. at 14:24
    Thanks summer [nateesque cockyness] I'm really glad you guys agree with me LMAO [/nateesque cockyness]
  • Wildcat posted on 26.09. at 13:54
    that song does fit Locke. And as usual, great video, Paul!
  • Polarbear posted on 26.09. at 12:46
    Thanks liz!
  • ebizmybef74 posted on 26.09. at 12:42
    OMG! Pauly i love this video! So funny! And great it fits Locke too!
  • fallen_angel posted on 25.09. at 23:37
    LMAO I was in a meeting last week and it popped into my head i had to contain my laughter so they couldn't tell I wasn't paying attention
  • MovieGuy posted on 25.09. at 23:34
    Yeah it does.

    I'm destroying a table in the backyard and I realize I'm singing it.
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