My Hero by Di

  • "My Hero" 09-23-2005
    This one is about Jack!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: My Hero by Foo Fighters
    Vidder: Di
    Length: 04:13 (15.5 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Jack Shephard


  • GreySpot19 posted on 26.06. at 21:40
    My god... you just made my day with that vid. Awsome job!
  • Enchirito posted on 04.11. at 22:23
    MoreLight! welcome back.

    I agree, this vid was very well done. Check out more Di vids, they're all worth watching.
  • MoreLight posted on 04.11. at 20:03
    This vid really knocked me off my seat! I haven't been visiting LVI for a while and when I came here to read about the tournament stuff I clicked on a few vids. I saw one frame out of place in the whole vid (meaning a technically excellent vid to me). I really liked your choice of song and the way you kept the pace of the vid throughout. Very nice!
  • Rocksiren posted on 27.09. at 09:07
    Loved it Di! Vidders that understand synching the beats etc (therefore keeping viewer attention) are few and far between nowadays. Its vids like these that threaten to break me out of my vid-block.
  • Hollywood posted on 26.09. at 19:10
    WOW Di....that was an awesome Jack vid. One of the best so far.
    Excellent use of beats (which I love btw), cool color effects and awesome song choice.
    I loved it. Keep up the great work.
  • fallen_angel posted on 25.09. at 23:21
    awesome vid Di, man this is right up there with Learn to Fly and A and B

    love all your vids though, you are definately a way underrated talent around here, in my opinion anyway

    keep up the awesome work, and the awesome song choices
  • LVI Bot posted on 25.09. at 13:51
    "My Hero" 09-23-2005
    This one is about Jack!
    Song: My hero by Foo Fighters
    Vidder: Di
    Length: 04:13 (15.5 MB WMV)


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