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Username: Di
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Anything. Mainly Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Farscape... Well, pretty much, I like it - I vid it.
Website: http://harmony-vids.com
Email: di.br00@gmail.comLVI
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  • We Want Your Soul

    by Di 05-12-2012
    Tron: The Grid wants your soul.
    We Want Your Soul
  • Devils in disguise

    by Di 10-03-2011
    Sports: So a Swiss, a Spaniard, and a Serbian walk onto a tennis court...
    Devils in disguise
  • Evolution Leaps Forward

    by Di 08-07-2011
    X-Men: Another general X-Men: First Class vidlet.
    Evolution Leaps Forward
  • Remember the Name

    by Di 07-17-2011
    X-Men: General vidlet for X-Men: First Class. ;)
    Remember the Name
  • A Study in Time

    by Di 07-05-2011
    Sherlock/Doctor Who: After strange events start happening across London, Sherlock and John soon find out that a certain Time Lord is the key to all of them. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.
    A Study in Time
  • Waking World

    by Di 07-03-2011
    Merlin: Morgana and Gwen, two women living in a men's world.
    Waking World
  • Twisted & Deranged

    by Di 06-24-2011
    Sherlock: John Watson has never met anyone quite like Sherlock Holmes.
    Twisted & Deranged
  • Tenth Doctor: The Musical

    by Di 06-07-2011
    Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Era, told through the power of music!
    Tenth Doctor: The Musical
  • The Rules of Parenting

    by Di 06-04-2011
    Modern Family: What's the key to being a great parent?
    The Rules of Parenting
  • Above and Below

    by Di 06-03-2011
    Doctor Who/Torchwood: I'll disappear, 'cause living makes me feel ashamed.
    Above and Below
  • I am a Scientist

    by Di 06-03-2011
    Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor is... well a scientist. :P
    I am a Scientist
  • Apologize

    by Di 04-07-2008
    Lost: LOST/House crossover AU vid. Sequel to my first Jack/Cameron vid, this time set after Jack leaves the island.
  • By the Way

    by Di 11-05-2006
    Lost: LOST/House crossover AU vid. Jack and Cameron's relationship falls apart.
    By the Way
  • Imaginary Lives

    by Di 06-01-2006
    Lost: dark AU vid about Jack... and Jack/Kate.
    Imaginary Lives
  • Perfect

    by Di 02-06-2006
    Lost: February 2006 contest submission
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