Come what may_ Sawyer/Juliet by Kaory




  • Aislynn posted on 05.12. at 17:10
    I really did enjoy this! It was a great, ambitious AU storyline and it was a lot of fun to watch! ♥!
  • Kaory posted on 04.12. at 12:06
    Thanks you for the comments and critics, i like critics when its for good and i know yours are for good. Im with you about the vid, i think my idea was original but maybe not go the way i want (i dont know why my ideas go wrong lately) i haved in mind almost all the vid except the end (how kill juliet?) that was the most dificult part and in the end became something strange. If we count the scene of Ben and Juliet (i never be full trusted in let it be like that but in the end i decided leave that part in that way) and the idea of mix the duke and manager in one person... maybe they arent good choices. Another thing is Kate in the vid, well Sawyer scape for the cell but how? someone help him, who? i have two options, Kate and Karl but adding a conversation between Kate and Juliet give a clue for why is Kate helping Sawyer. I think thats all, a good idea that i couldnt make it good, its sad but i trying for the next one
  • littleton_pace posted on 03.12. at 01:50
    oooh, i love how this started, with Sawyer sort of leading into the song. I do agree the story was tough to follow, although some parts were awesome like sawyer running after Jules, that was great and i loved the sparkly effect in their at the start, and at the end but i also agree switching from dialogue from the movie and the show was a bit odd; because sawyer was also christian and that was a little confusing Overall tho; i thought it was a really gorgeous vid [/spoiler]
  • Uruviel posted on 03.12. at 01:35
    Nice vid, the lip sync at the beginning is great!
  • MariaPurt posted on 29.11. at 22:44
    I think i followed the story. And it's great. There were some 'lazy scenes' in the beginning (when the next scene can be notices for like the moment before it switches into the other one that you've put). And i would guess the Ben/Juliet dialog when he tells her to be an acress and save 'him' was a bit too long - you could still have the lines, but instead of showing their tru speaking, could partly show us some more Juliet/Sawyer love ;D My fave part was 'kill her' when Sawyer followed Jules... so tensed... so good. Not sure i'm doing the right thing giving this vid gold since it has some tech problems, but i thing the other stuff was really good. So i'll go with the gold here ;D
  • FrecklesPhoenix posted on 27.11. at 15:12
    This was a really neat idea, and I was excited to see someone using Moulin Rouge stuff for the contest... but I had a bit of trouble following this. It had some really great moments, and some nice effects in the beginning, but it got confusing. The story shifted a bit too much for me... and the audio was weird switching back and forth between dialogue from the show and from the movie. And I thought Ben was supposed to be like the Duke but then he was like her manager/friend guy... I got the overall story of Sawyer and Juliet being a doomed and tragic love that ends badly for her, but I didn't really understand Ben's role in everything, or Kate's (she kind of came out of nowhere...). And the music mash up was weird, because you overlaid stuff that was in different keys, so it clashed. (Like putting the Tango de Roxanne violin part in there when they're throwing Sawyer in the cage.)

    I didn't mean to throw so much crit at you, it was a decent vid, but I just didn't really understand everything that was going on.
  • nightdancer342 posted on 27.11. at 12:35
    Haha! I love the coloring and great choice with the Moulin Rouge. That made an interesting AU vid! I liked it a lot!!
  • Kaory posted on 27.11. at 01:24
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    "Come what may_ Sawyer/Juliet" 11-26-2009
    November 2009 contest submission
    Song: Various by Moulin Rouge ost
    Vidder: Kaory
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