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Kaory (Rebeca)

Username: Kaory
Alternate Name: Rebeca
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: A lot, a dont have limits :)
Website: http://www.estelio.tk
Email: kaory_makimura@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Im not good writting in english but here we go. Im a spanish girl from Madrid, i have 25 years now (but i dont feel like 25 ^^) I begin making vids years ago (4...5... i dont know) with my cousin but im the only who continue with this (im addicted :P )In the begining i only use WMV because is more easy and fast make the vids, later i try adobe premiere...is a good program (i miss the ghost effect) but is difficult cut,paste and this things so finally i try sony vegas..untill now.Right now im obssesed with Lost (and sana the most,im a sana addict :P but i dont only make sana vids) but if i find a song for a movie or show i have to make it.Sorry if you find something wrong in my english,like i say, im not good writting in english :P

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