Simple and Clean by Hobbes

  • "Simple and Clean" 02-01-2005
    A very well done ubeat pop song that really captures the strange feel of the island.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Simple And Clean by Kingdom Hearts
    Vidder: Hobbes
    Length: 3:03 (8.9MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Hobbes posted on 09.06. at 16:41
    LostFate25 wrote:
    My fave vid that i've seen so far on this site...Love the song...Love LOST...Love Kingdom Hearts! Really cool.

    WOW! thank you! lol You'd better watch some more fast!
  • LostFate25 posted on 09.06. at 12:15
    My fave vid that i've seen so far on this site...Love the song...Love LOST...Love Kingdom Hearts! Really cool.
  • Aislynn posted on 29.05. at 01:34
    Hobbes wrote:
    (unless... do you even HAVE transitions in WMM1??? )

    WMM 1 can cut clips into pieces and pull clips onto each other for a fade effect but "that's all, folks!" Absolutely no transitions beyond that. Not even fade to black. No titles. Also, you can't turn the audio on for some clips and leave it off on others. It's an "all or nothing" thing: Video audio only, Audio only and a slidebar for somewhere in between the two extremes.

    Everything beyond that in my vids comes from me getting creative...

    But thanks for giving the details of how you did that effect! I love it when people provide the details! Very cool and inventive!

  • Hobbes posted on 29.05. at 01:23
    Division 815

    Division 815?! Hurley would be proud!
    Thanks for the good words, Aislynn A late review is even more welcome than an early one! This way I get to remember I made this video lol
    It's been a whiiiiillllle since I got another vid in >.< I'm about halfway done my contest entry now (with one day to spare lucky me! ) and I'm VERY close to being done my horoscope for ytoday one (though that needs to wait until after the contest ) But enough about my tantalizing () hints towards future endeavors. I don't want people getting excited about them or something just to get let down

    That closing curtain effect there, Aislynn, is something you'd be proud of! Completely done with WMM, and the effects and transitions available to you (unless... do you even HAVE transitions in WMM1??? ) All I did was take a snapshot of the beginning of every clip (premade by WMM, of course) of the plane crash part, and saved them to a particular folder. I then imported all of those in a new project (saving the old, of course) and pasted them in the timeline, arranging them correctly. Then I saved the thing as a movie file, and opened my main video project. I then imported that little clip I just saved, and moved it to the right spot, adding a transition in!
    "Yes, it's that simple ladies and gentlemen!" lol

    I'l bet I answered that question in a post above this one... but I sure hope not >.<
    Anyway! Again, thanks for making me feel good with your nice review! ^^ lol
  • Aislynn posted on 29.05. at 01:08
    And this just in from the Captain of the Better Late Than Never Brigade...

    Okay, this vid has, by far, one of my most favorite openings of them all! I agree with what was said above, that it absolutely makes you think you've missed the episode where Walt is thinking those lines! It just fits so perfectly!

    I liked the way the ocean scenes bracket the rest of the vid. I admit it, I'm sooooo envious of the ability to slow the clips down like that! There's something really soothing about watching those waves going in slow motion... Soothing... Soothingzzzzz...

    *wakes up* Sorry. Ahem. I'm back. I just really liked that part! Anyway, I wasn't familiar with this song before this vid but I really like it. It's cool to hear something so upbeat like this!

    And I, for one, didn't mind the opening transitions from full-screen to widescreen. It's a necessary evil, sometimes. Also, I didn't notice the clips being "jerky" in any way (other than the fact that there were no Sawyer clips... J/K! ). Everything was quick and up-tempo but not to the point where it was like random images flashing by so fast your brain begins to look like a deer caught in the headlights. Quick-cuts, when done wrong, can be a baaaa thing. But I thought they were well handled here.

    And speaking of quick-cuts, that brings me to my other favorite thing from this vid: the quick-cuts at the end with that awesome transition that closed in on them (what's that called, BTW?). I loved how it gave a real "curtain-dropping" finale feel to the end.

    *more envy*

    Overall, a nice ensemble vid with all the pistons firing just like they should! (Did I just use a car analogy? Then I must've liked it! )

    Captain, Better Late Than Never Brigade, Division 815

  • lostcalier posted on 24.05. at 17:07
    new link posted!
  • crazymol4588 posted on 19.05. at 21:15
    Ooooh, I really liked this one! The opening sequence with the different clips of the eyes was really amazing.

    Excellent job editing!
  • Hobbes posted on 19.05. at 16:51
  • easilyjaded posted on 24.03. at 21:34
    I very much enjoy the "jerky" way the clips were edited. Much props, much props.
  • MoreLight posted on 28.02. at 15:39
    Now I am even more impressed with this vid as you made me believe I missed an episode when Walt was thinking this in his mind. Excellent!
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