A and B by Di


  • easilyjaded posted on 11.10. at 20:33
    God, I remember watching this video for the first time and I loved it.

    Then I watched it just the other day, and I love it even more. The song is just perfect, and your ability to choose the perfect clips to match the rhythm of the song is amazing. I loved it especially when the song went all "hardcore" toward the end.

    Great, great job.
  • Fan4Lost posted on 07.10. at 11:37
    Di that was awesome! I loved that! Perfect IMO!
  • LadySnow posted on 15.04. at 18:46
    I'm new around here but I just saw this vid and I LOVED it ! The song was perfect and the comparison spot on!
  • Sheree posted on 18.03. at 20:19
    I have had this video for awhile now but I just wanted to say that for those who have yet to see this video...go and download it NOW! it is Brilliant!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 06.09. at 12:43
    Great comparison between Jack and Sawyer. And I'm hooked on the song now! Thanks ...
  • Hollywood posted on 05.09. at 12:26
    Great vid Di, thought it was great.
    Keep up the awesome work and don't forget to submit some more soon.
  • Polarbear posted on 05.09. at 00:35
    This is a keeper! Great job.
  • fallen_angel posted on 05.09. at 00:26
    If Warren likes it... it's sure to get a council pick coz he's the PLOT man

    that doesn't really make sense does it oh well it doesn't need to as long as it's funny

    hmmm anyway....

    *sings* "I wanna go back to my little grass shack in hawaii"
  • Hobbes posted on 05.09. at 00:15
    This vid made my week. Superb!
  • Di posted on 04.09. at 15:10

    *relief* Wow, thanks! I was so nervous about this vid (still am, really.lol) I thought no one would like it.
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