My immortal by Lost-majs




  • Lost-majs posted on 26.08. at 06:18
    Wow cool. Two new comments on one of my old vids! Thankies to both of you. Very sweet of you to comment on it! Happy you liked it!
  • KajaM posted on 26.08. at 06:03
    There's no reason not to be proud of the vid, Maja. Your vid is dozen times better than my first vid with Vegas Loved the beat use and your interpretation of the lyrics. Vegas can be kinda confusing when you work with it for the first time and it takes a while before you've figured it all out, but I agree with Jemma: Keep vidding! You were already absolutely on the right path here, as you've totally proved in your newer vids.
  • CharliePaceisLove22 posted on 25.08. at 15:20
    i'm bawling right now... that was an incredible vid.
  • Lost-majs posted on 03.05. at 15:11
    Thanks! Vegas is very new to me and there is a lot I need to learn so im happy you thought it was good
  • Charlies_Innocence posted on 03.05. at 11:37
    Aw, Majs! I thought this was really good. It's such a beautiful, sad song. Very nice job, especially since you haven't used Vegas before! It was very sweet.
  • Lost-majs posted on 27.04. at 01:59
    Thanks! :'DDD Im happy you liked it:)
  • Jemmz posted on 27.04. at 01:44
    Nice video, Majs! So sad I love Evanescence and this is just a beautiful song. Good job =] One thing that bothered me was that perhaps your watermark should be smaller, I found it a little distracting Anyway, nice work, I like your bit of beat use. keep vidding!
  • Lost-majs posted on 26.04. at 21:53
    ***Automated Message***
    "My immortal" 04-26-2008
    My first video with vegas. Im not very proud of it:/ But hope you like it:)
    Song: My immortal by Evanescence
    Vidder: Lost-majs
    Length: 04:21 (120. MB MPEG)


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