My Last Request by Noj




  • Charlies_Innocence posted on 09.02. at 15:27
    Oh, Charlie! So sad... I loved the end with Hurley and Claire, that scene was so sad.
  • emma01 posted on 07.02. at 14:56
    wow that was beauiful, i miss Charlie and i love that song
  • Jemmz posted on 07.02. at 09:22
    Wow, that was really good Noj! I quite liked the slow mo on some of the clips, it seemed to go with the music. And that ending I cried so much during that scene. Nice work
  • Noj posted on 06.02. at 21:16
    ***Automated Message***
    "My Last Request" 02-06-2008
    For his Last Request, Charlie only wants one thing...
    Song: Last Request by Paolo Nutini
    Vidder: Noj
    Length: 3.40 (20MB WMV)


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