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  • My Last Request

    by Noj 02-06-2008
    Lost: For his Last Request, Charlie only wants one thing...
    My Last Request
  • Can't Make It On Your Own

    by Noj 12-07-2006
    Lost: Jack needs his father, much as they don't get along
    Can't Make It On Your Own
  • Aftermath

    by Noj 12-05-2006
    Lost: Boone wreaks havoc on Locke, Shannon, Sayid and Jack after his death
  • Happy Days

    by Noj 12-01-2006
    Lost: It's all happy days for the Losties! Ok this is pure cheese!
    Happy Days
  • Chasing Dreams

    by Noj 11-24-2006
    Lost: Claire sends Charlie to chase his dreams, only for him to realise she is his Dream
    Chasing Dreams
  • Superman

    by Noj 11-22-2006
    Lost: Jack's only human, and longs for things like everyone else, but can he have what he really wants?
  • Long, Long Way From Home

    by Noj 11-20-2006
    Lost: Just a little Charlie-Claire video. They're a cute couple, but they have their problems.
    Long, Long Way From Home
  • LostWatch

    by Noj 11-18-2006
    Lost: It's all Sun, Sand and Surf for our Intrepid Heroes! A Lost Tribute to Baywatch. Jack is The Hoff...kinda.
  • Lowdown and Dirty

    by Noj 11-16-2006
    Lost: Sawyer finally got Kate lowdown and dirty. But is she more than just another conquest?
    Lowdown and Dirty
  • Women

    by Noj 11-14-2006
    Lost: A look at some of the Islands Women
  • Bartenders and Thieves

    by Noj 03-09-2006
    Lost: About some of the Couples on the Island
    Bartenders and Thieves
  • Juke Box Hero

    by Noj 02-22-2006
    Lost: Charlie Pace of Legendary Rock band Driveshaft. Losts very own Juke Box Hero!
    Juke Box Hero
  • Welcome to the Jungle

    by Noj 02-20-2006
    Lost: Compilation of various Lost clips to match the lyrics including a Charlie montage
    Welcome to the Jungle
1-13 of 13 Videos 1