Forever by Uruviel



  • "Forever" 08-31-2007
    Charlie loves Claire, but his rock star lifestyle causes problems.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Forever by Papa Roach
    Vidder: Uruviel
    Length: 3:20 (16.0 MB WMV)
    Program: Ulead VideoStudio 9.0
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J", Charlie Pace


  • Uruviel posted on 01.01. at 23:03
    Thank you so much, rolloffbed!
  • rolloffbed posted on 31.12. at 15:54
    oh, my, god
    that was seriously one of the best vids ever and the song fit PERFECTLY
    i absolutely loved the intensity of it all
  • Uruviel posted on 13.09. at 23:32
    Thanks Ais! Glad you like the burn thing!
  • Aislynn posted on 13.09. at 16:11
    *applause applause applause* That was fantastic, so sweet and bittersweet at the same time, awwww! Awesome editing and beat-use and I loved the burn-through transition/effect! *more applause* Really great job! ♥!
  • Uruviel posted on 02.09. at 14:34
    Thanks Trey!
  • wolffootball37 posted on 02.09. at 11:03
    great job Heather! Perfict song choice!!!
  • Uruviel posted on 01.09. at 01:45
    Thanks Karolina! That "heroin" part was just made for Charlie! Glad you like the ending! Like I said before, it was hard making the "one last kiss" fit in there 3 times!
  • KajaM posted on 01.09. at 01:36
    I didn't know the song before, but it is simply perfect for Charlie. Great, great song choice! I loved your interpetation of the lyrics, too, especially the parts with Charlie and his groupies and "You're my heroin".
    The ending, the whole last minute, was so powerful and just so good! Loved it!
  • Uruviel posted on 31.08. at 22:56
    Kat: I always <3 your reviews! Thanks so much!!! So cool that you mention that this is kind of a Charlie version of "Call Me When You're Sober"! Yeah, the "drugs and women" line made me think of Charlie every time I listened to this song, lol.

    Jinlovessunxx: Thanks! So glad you like the gold effect, it was kind of an afterthought.

    Cinthia: Thanks so much! Wow, we were on the same wavelength for this song! This is one of my obsessive-song-of-the-moment so I just had to vid to it. Thanks about the song-editing, had to get rid of a few of those "one last kiss"es! Having the last kiss in there 3 times was pushing it, lol.

    Charlie: Thank you!!!
  • cylune posted on 31.08. at 10:09
    When I listen to the song on the radio and thought of vidding it, I always think - whoa, I got to cut those zillions 'One last kiss' at the end of the song!! You did an great job cutting the song! flawless.

    Great lyrics interpretation - loved some angsty Charlie vids. And the last kiss was heartbreaking. Great job!
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