Run by cylune



  • "Run" 08-22-2007
    Charlie and Claire's time together was all too brief. Fate was denying them a future and it was time to say goodbye
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Run by Snow Patrol
    Vidder: cylune
    Length: 5:55 (21.7MB wmv)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Charlie Pace, Claire Littleton, "PB&J"


  • cylune posted on 03.09. at 13:42
    Thanks so much!

    yeah, I'll miss those two on the show. I thought they brought a nice contrast to the angst-sex based relationship of skate (nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea). I don't know if I'll even bother watching next year. I'll watch the first few episodes and if it makes me sick as the finale did then why bother, right?
  • littleton_pace posted on 03.09. at 07:20
    omg that was so beautiful. i adored it. this is one of my fave songs of all time and it so works for these two. I loved the ending, the best parts of pb&j for the past three years. what will we do without them? it makes me so sad but the good kind; the kind you want in a vid excellent work!
  • cylune posted on 27.08. at 19:44
    Thanks Jemma!! Glad you mentioned the split screens! I'm very proud of those! I worked my a** off trying to get them somewhat respectable.

    oh God the end with the Moth-I just had to cry
    I did too while making it...
  • Jemmz posted on 27.08. at 15:08
    Wow, I do love the split screens. Wonderful video! One of Snow Patrol's best songs and you used it so well. I also have to say I just loved the parts in the split screens where you made it so they both seem to look at each other. And the ending where you showed all their time together and oh God the end with the Moth-I just had to cry. I just loved it, beautiful
  • cylune posted on 26.08. at 08:17
    Thanks so much Karolina!!!!

    but the most important and most brilliant part is that's it's really emotional and touching
    yay!!! that's what I was aiming for.

    I'll ask jellyfrog if she could make a bigger version of that graphic. That's a great idea - I'd love to have a wallpaper too!
  • KajaM posted on 26.08. at 06:30
    Geez, every time I think you just came up with your best PB&J vid, you prove that I'm totally wrong because you always manage to make them even better.

    That was so sad and yet so beautiful!! Editing-wise absolutely flawfless and fantastic (holy cow, the split-screen and masks are stunning! ), but the most important and most brilliant part is that's it's really emotional and touching. I couldn't take my eyes off this vid, especially during the fast part towards the end. Just wow!!

    Btw, is there any chance of getting the vid pic in wallpaper-size (1280x800 would be the ideal size for my laptop)? It's so beautiful!!
  • cylune posted on 25.08. at 07:14
    Thanks so much LOST_Fanatic for making this request!! After I said yes, I freaked out, not knowing what to do with it... but the song ended up, sadly enough, to be very much appropriate. and thanks for commenting everywhere!!

    Aislynn Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! The moth scene is my favorite of the video, that's the first scene I've done actually. Thanks so much for noticing!
  • Aislynn posted on 24.08. at 20:34
    This is still one of my all-time favorite Snow Patrol songs even though it can be a bit...intimidating to see it as a vid when it hasn't been cut down! But I had no worries seeing it as your vid, 'cause I knew I'd be in good hands.

    As has been mentioned before, the water texture was a completely inspired touch! So beautiful and so fitting for the vid! I loved the "recap" at 4:30! Extremely well done for a series of quick cuts that ran that long! I never got "lost" once!

    And of course, the ending with Claire looking at the moth... *sigh* Not only was it just a beautifully edited scene, it was SO appropriate in context with Charlie being identified with the moth almost from day 1 in the show! That was just a really beautiful created scene!

    Just a gorgeous job all the way around! I'm in total envy of your split-screening abilities! See, I'm green with envy Great vid! ♥♥♥!!!
  • LOST_Fanatic posted on 24.08. at 19:41
    I'm so happy I requested this song. It's beyond words perefect for Charlie and Claire and with your beautiful editing even more prefect.

    I know I've already commited on youtube and CC Island, but I just can't get over how good this video is.
  • Sheree posted on 24.08. at 14:28
    Thank you so much for all the support, not only for this vid but for all the vids I've made. You've been there since the beginning and I can't thank you enough.

    Awwww your welcome *HUG*
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