When Doves Cry - Hurley and Kate by Polarbear

  • "When Doves Cry - Hurley and Kate" 06-15-2007
    May 2007 contest 3rd place winner! Hurley is kept awake at night by Sawyer and Kate making love. This in turn reminds him of hearing his parents doing the deed. To make matters worse he has a big crush on Kate.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: When Doves Cry by Prince
    Vidder: Polarbear
    Length: 3:04 (11.3MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Kate Austen

    Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • Polarbear posted on 09.05. at 11:36
    Kat: Thanks Kat! Dharma Fried Chicken is my favourite part too.

    Sassy: Thanks Sassy! How come you never kept that promise? lol kidding. Glad you liked it

    VPNymph: Thanks a bunch!
  • VPnymph posted on 09.05. at 09:29
    I love this video, it's awesome!!!
    Honda Wave series
  • SassyLostie2 posted on 11.09. at 12:37
    I watched this a while back and could've sworn I commented. Anyway, this was awesome. very original and creative, truly a crackpairing. The editing was good,the song choice...overall, a very interesting vid. I'm at schoolright now, but I will watch mor eof your vids later.
  • littleton_pace posted on 30.07. at 21:30
    omg that was so great!! I am now a converted to Kate/Hurley! I loved this. by the end i was hoping she'd pick Hurley! I loved all the Dharma food things. Dharma Fried Chicked made me lol, and Kate eating the ice cream was so great Gold from me
  • Polarbear posted on 22.06. at 07:53
    Karolina: Glad you liked it I was a little worried the two storylines about his horny mum and the Kate love story wouldn't go together too well but the lyrics told me to do it!

    Cinthia: Thanks hun!

    Luka: Checking me out scene is one of my faves too Thanks! Oh and Hate is Fate!!

    Maria: Dharma and Greg ice cream is meant to be like Ben and Jerry's in case noone got that

    Trey: It was Dave!! dressed up like the guy from Drop Dead Fred

    It was a real ad that Jimmy Kimmel did a spoof on. It was my main reason for doing the video cause that footage needed to be used somewhere! Thanks!

    Heather: Thanks babe!

    Warren: Thanks Warren! Glad you enjoyed the story I worked hard on that aswell as the silly manips lol

    Aislynn: Aw poor Ais hope you didn't injure yourself Glad it made you laugh!

    Charlie: Thanks a lot! And hey guys its Hate!

    azzurra: Thanks a lot!

    Manon: One of my other favourite bits but don't worry it wasn't me who provided the fart

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
  • Manon posted on 18.06. at 06:16
    my freakin god ;D that was hilarious! when Hurley farts lol !! amazing!!
  • azzurra13 posted on 17.06. at 04:16
    awsome video:) very in 80' style great manipulations and naturally editing really like it
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 17.06. at 02:10
    i love this video. I saw this on youtube the other and was just laughing so much
    I wish i could have commented sooner but my internet has been off since friday night
    That ad you used just fit perfectly
    I think you have shown that Kurley is a major ship
    The hug aswell that was really cute.
    That video was just amazing.
  • Aislynn posted on 17.06. at 00:26
    That was awesome! The "are you checking me out?" scene with Hurley's thumbs-up... I swear, I nearly fell out of my chair!

    And your use of that ad was PRICELESS! And of course the end was perfect! (I'm thinking that Sawyer needs somebody to console him right about now... *volunteers* ) You never fail to surprise and amaze me with what you come up with! Another fantabulous vid from the House of Polarbear. *hugs!*
  • Hobbes posted on 16.06. at 23:54
    LMAO oh man I freaking love this vid. It is the definitive Kurley video! (btw, why isn't it marked as "Kurley"?) I couldn't stop laughing after the "Maybe I'm just like my mother, she's never satisfied" moment - but I did manage to watch it all and see the brilliant plot unfold. Genius AU moments in there! Hurley and Kate are so meant to be! LOL
    I loved how it even had a touch of angsty Hurley, right near the end there, as he saw Kate and Sawyer together.

    Ah, excellence, thou art Polarbear.
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