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  • Polarbear posted on 11.05. at 08:50
    Cinthia Glad you enjoyed it even though you weren't a fan of the song

    Warren I know! I was quite surprised how many times he'd been around fire. I do think it's a theme they use around Locke. Hey make sure you get a decent job first

    Heather Glad you liked the color. It was pretty hard to get the color consistant on some shots as the light was a lot different with the close up bits. I think I had a pretty good set color effect for the flashbacks. I coined it 'burnt'

    Aislynn Glad you liked the beat use. I worked hard at trying to beat use actual fire and exposions lol it was good fun though. Thanks a lot!
  • Aislynn posted on 10.05. at 22:47
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! (But enough about you, let's talk about the vid... )

    SO well done! There are a ton of moments I could pick as my favorite but I'm particularly fond of Locke hitting the "Burn" key... That rocked! Also, I loved the red for the flashbacks!

    The beat use just PWNED! That moment towards the end where Anthony Cooper first tackles him before he sends him out the window and you freeze on that beat... That was just a "Whooooooo, yeah!" moment right there! Fantabulous job! Congrats on 2nd place!
  • Uruviel posted on 10.05. at 22:39
    Totally love the red during the flashbacks! Awesome clip choice and beat use. Congrats on 2nd place!!!
  • Hobbes posted on 10.05. at 19:06
    Fantasmic! You really showed Locke's journey brilliantly, and I just love all that fire reference! I never even noticed he was around it so often, but the theme really holds up nicely Gives the whole vid that special feel to it lol.

    If there's one thing I hope to keep on doing the rest of my life, it's watching your vids Paul .
  • cylune posted on 10.05. at 18:19
    I hated that song but you made me watch twice nevertheless!!! I'm so impressed by the combination of originality, cleverness and special effects in your videos!! Awesome job again!!!
  • Polarbear posted on 10.05. at 13:43
    Trey Thanks! I always like it when you say this is going on the old Ipod I was trying hard not to make the fire effects repetitive made sure I used different samples of fire glad you liked it

    Deadfall Sorry about the errors. We are currently looking for a new stable server so the problems will be fixed soon hopefully! Thanks for the comments lol

    Karolina I was thinking about using Charlie for that bit along with Walt but I thought it made more sense to stick with Ben. I also used some of the Charlie fire scenes with Locke aswell. I put fire on Ben's eyes so it looked like the fire was reflecting onto his eyes Sorry about the audio bits I have trouble with sound levels sometimes cause it sounds different through my headphones and yeah it was a loud song. Thanks a lot
  • KajaM posted on 10.05. at 02:40
    Awesome as usual, Pauly!

    Fantastic beat use, awesome effects and great story telling! I loved the parts with "You're the firestarter" and then you showed Walt and Ben, very clever (geez, Ben looked so creepy there.. like a devil! ). Only one little quibble: I couldn't understand the audio bits too weel, but that's probably because it's such a loud song.

    Great, great work!!
  • Deadfall posted on 10.05. at 01:12
    hey i agree this is a great vid!!! my browser keeps showing errors when i come to this site..... i would have commented earlier if it wernt for that love the fire!!!! fire fire fire!!! hehe
  • wolffootball37 posted on 09.05. at 20:25
    No ones commented??? Seriously i already commented on YT, But this video is amazing. I loved how you showed the parrallels of the destruction in Lockes life to his time on the island. The song choice was execellent. The fire effects were superb! Amazing job, this is one of my favorites!!!
  • Polarbear posted on 09.05. at 15:57
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    "Firestarter - Locke" 04-24-2007
    March 2007 contest 2nd place winner!
    Song: Firestarter by The Prodigy
    Vidder: Polarbear
    Length: 3:25 (13.2MB WMV)

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