Your Horoscope for Today by Hobbes



  • "Your Horoscope for Today" 06-19-2005
    An astrological forecast courtesy of Weird Al! What would a fandom be without it? WARNING: This film may be misleading to some viewers. Viewer's discretion is advised.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Your Horoscope for Today by Weird Al Yankovic
    Vidder: Hobbes
    Length: 4:05 (10MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • HobbitRockGod posted on 01.12. at 19:21
    LOL! Awesome video, I loved the end with the polar bear! And the whole thing about Charlie - he IS all those things! (But I love him anyway.) Haha, I liked it.
  • wolffootball37 posted on 29.11. at 19:08
    hey Warren, any chance for a download link??? That goes for all your vids buddy! (because i only have speed of sound)
  • mistojen posted on 28.01. at 22:16

    *insert Warrenette cartwheel and/or backflip here*

    Thank God for Youtube, since everything else other than zshare hates me
  • wolffootball37 posted on 28.01. at 21:32
    i remember when this video was first up but i dont think i could watch it. i really thought it was great. i kinda want to make somthing as creative as this.
  • Distress Signal posted on 28.01. at 21:15
    Awww, I feel so special.

    LOL, it was great. Everything fit wonderfully and that dinosaur rocked! (dinasour? That was my first spelling guess. I had to double-check on Google. When's the last time I've ever written the word dinosaur in my life? )

    *hazy impending flashback*

    Anyway, the cat started licking the soup on the blanket and I had to practically strangle her head away from it. Wait, that's another trail of thought. Fun vid!! I'm actually in production of my first new music video in AGES, which will be done to a Weird Al song (I won't tell you which, you'll find out when I bug you with a beta)
  • Hobbes posted on 28.01. at 14:36
    lol DS
    well, I just added it to YT specifically for you.

    (oh man, it's been soooo long since I've even seen these vids *stomach lurches at my mistakes* )
  • Distress Signal posted on 27.01. at 19:56
    I swear, this just DOES NOT work for me. On any computer. I can't understand why it would work for anyone else.

    I wish this was on YouTube or something.... I still gotta see this.
  • PsychodelicS posted on 19.06. at 13:42
    that was soooo funny

    I got sawyer, yea
  • Aislynn posted on 29.04. at 23:40
    The Putfile link is still working... Does Putfile not work for you, DS? I know that happens a lot!
  • Distress Signal posted on 29.04. at 23:22
    Hey! None of those links work!

    I keep hearing about this Horoscope video of Hobbes (mostly from self-promotion) *jk* And I want to see it. Could I have a new link please?
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