Changes by Uruviel



  • "Changes" 05-09-2007
    March 2007 contest 3rd place winner!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Changes by Tesla
    Vidder: Uruviel
    Length: 3:33 (17.0 MB WMV)
    Program: Ulead VideoStudio 9.0
  • Characters/Ships: Mr. Eko


  • Uruviel posted on 11.05. at 23:28
    Thanks wolffootball!
  • wolffootball37 posted on 11.05. at 23:23
    Hey, sorry i thought i commented already! Great vid for Eko, i really liked the beat/clip use. Very nice work! Congrats on third place!!!
  • Uruviel posted on 10.05. at 22:45
    Thanks so much, Ais!
  • Aislynn posted on 10.05. at 22:36
    This is one powerful vid! *wild applause* The beat use was spectacular (as usual ) and the effects worked so well to tell the story. Fantastic work and congrats on 3rd place!
  • Uruviel posted on 10.05. at 22:27
    Karolina: Thanks! Glad ya like the sepia, I thought that would look cooler for Eko than just black & white.

    PsychoCynic: Thank you! Yeah, Eko was great, it's sad he's gone.

    Paul: Thanks!

    Cinthia: Wow, your fav, thanks so much!!!

    Warren: "whole 'nother level', sweet!! Thanks! My mom actually told me about this song, she said "this would be a great Lost vid" and when I heard the lyrics, they fit Eko so well.
  • Hobbes posted on 10.05. at 19:49
    A Superb tribute to Eko. I freaking love your beat use skills , they really made this thing into a "whole 'nother level" vid LOL. And the story was great too! That song really fits Eko perfectly doesn't it?
  • cylune posted on 10.05. at 18:26
    This video was among the first I've seen and I thought it would be impossible to beat. I was simply amazed. Amazing beat use Great lyric interpretation and very clever. The ending was so exciting. My favorite Eko video ever.
  • Polarbear posted on 10.05. at 13:31
    Really good beat use! I loved the burnt yellow color you had on the flashbacks. I especially liked it when you had Eko looking up at the timer and happy and then it starting again and sad cool stuff. Great video one for my collection Congrats on 2nd place!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 10.05. at 10:04
    Excellent beat use!!

    Very cool vid. I've forgotten all about Eko and you reminded me how great his character was.

    I also really like the sepia - it looked nice and clean, rather than the musty, ugly, sepia that WMM has.
  • KajaM posted on 10.05. at 03:14
    Great vid, Heather! The song worked really well for Eko! I like how you put the flashback moments in sepia; that looked very good.

    The ending is pretty cool; very powerful with awesome beat use!
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