Who knew by Borislava

  • "Who knew" 08-26-2006
    Claire is telling Aaron a story...it's the story about the love between her and Charlie...their ups and downs and the cause of his leaving-the drug addiction.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Who Knew by Pink
    Vidder: Borislava
    Length: 3:29 (13MB wmv)
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J", Charlie Pace, Claire Littleton


  • phoenix39 posted on 14.09. at 11:54
    Great vid! I loved the beautiful way you had Claire tell Aaron the story or her and Charlie.
  • Borislava posted on 01.09. at 14:16
    Yes, the detailed comments are really very usefull.You can deffinitely improve your work when you see your mistakes
  • AlcoholicPixie posted on 27.08. at 01:04
    No problem! I prefer to write detailed comments now because I find that receiving detailed comments on my own videos really helps me see where I'm going wrong and what I can improve upon, so I like to do this for other vidders as well.
  • Borislava posted on 27.08. at 00:50
    Aislynn,you're awesome vidder and i'm glad everytime i see your comments on my videos.Thank you
    LOST_Fanatic,It was difficult to follow the chorus because they're so moving and intence that you have to find the right scenes...i'm glad you like it
    cylune,thank you so much!I'm a big fan of your videos especially "Two words" and "Precious"!
    AlcoholicPixie,I've never recieved such a big comment.Thank you very much...i really enjoy making this one even though it's my first PB&J video ever...so it was hard but hopefully i've done it
    Spiral Static,glad you liked it The idea of Chaire telling the story to Aaron come into my mind after telling a story to brother myself...so i look for a proper scenes and here it is
  • Spiral Static posted on 26.08. at 14:46
    Awesome video. I loved the beat use, especially on the choruses. And I loved how you had Claire telling the story to Aaron.
    Great Job.
  • LOST_Fanatic posted on 26.08. at 14:42
    That was a great video. Love the idea of Claire telling Aaron about Charlie and your use of transitions and effects gave the video and song even more emotion.
  • cylune posted on 26.08. at 14:16
    Very nicely done! I love how it got more intense as the story advanced. And Charlie dispearing at the end made me really sad... Great special effects!
  • AlcoholicPixie posted on 26.08. at 13:04
    OK, first things first, I watched your AU Jate vids, and I have to say that I was absolutely mesmerised as I watched them. Your editing was practically flawless, and even the words themselves moved me.

    So this time around I was expecting something pretty special. And by Joe did I get it! I'm not a huge PB&J watcher, but I loved the idea itself, and that's what made me click.

    Your use of the music was fantastic, and I really liked the fact that you made use of transitions, but you didn't go overboard, which suited the mood of the video and the song. I also very much liked the use of black-and-white for some of the clips, and the audio voiceover in the middle was especially good, like just telling the story to Aaron was bringing back all sorts of half-forgotten moments for Claire. I also agree with the previous comment; Charlie fading out at the end seemed to be almost like closure for Claire - like just telling Aaron the story seemed to help.

    All in all, an excellent vid, and I'll be personally appealing to the council if it doesn't get awarded a CP!
  • Aislynn posted on 26.08. at 13:00
    I loved how it really seemed like Claire was telling this story to Aaron (and how she was getting more upset and emotional as it went along!). And I loved Charlie fading out of the pic like that at the end!

    A really beautiful and moving vid!
  • LVI Bot posted on 26.08. at 12:50
    "Who knew" 08-26-2006
    Claire is telling Aaron a story...its the story about the love between her and Charlie...their ups and downs and the cause of his leaving-the drug addiction.
    Song: Who knew by Pink
    Vidder: Borislava
    Length: 3:29 (13MB wmv)

    Link(s): http://www.zshare.net/video/who_knew-bl-wmv.html

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