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Username: Borislava
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Other Fandoms: Harry Potter,Prison Break,Lord of the Rings,Friends
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  • Before it's too late

    by Borislava 03-26-2012
    Harry Potter: This is just a short video about Ron and Hermione following the torture scene and her memories before Ron,Harry and Dobby saved her.Sorry about the colouring but i was kind of exploring different styles
    Before it's too late
  • Nobody said it was easy

    by Borislava 08-16-2011
    Harry Potter: General Ron and Hermione video!
    Nobody said it was easy
  • Holding on to you(Grey's Anatomy)

    by Borislava 06-20-2011
    Grey's Anatomy : A video i made 2 years ago.It's general Grey's Anatomy video with one of the most emotional moments
    Holding on to you(Grey's Anatomy)
  • I've missed you so much

    by Borislava 09-16-2010
    Lost: Just a simple Jate video...i miss lost :(
    I've missed you so much
  • Waking up

    by Borislava 06-25-2010
    Lost: June 2010 Contest Submission
    Waking up
  • The Vision

    by Borislava 05-26-2010
    Lost: Just a simple video i made after the finale
    The Vision
  • Find yourself...lost

    by Borislava 02-22-2009
    Lost: Destiny.Faith.Science.Survival.Love.Choice.Guilt.LOST
    Find yourself...lost
  • All that we are

    by Borislava 10-19-2008
    Lost: Jate vid...Most of our life is a series of images. They pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens. And we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live
    All that we are
  • The Book of Love

    by Borislava 09-12-2008
    Lost: Everything seems perfectly fine for Jack and Kate after the rescue living together and raising Aaron.Until Suddenly Jack wants to go back to the island.Kate cant deal with the fact that Jack left her alone raising Aaron.
    The Book of Love
  • Wait for me

    by Borislava 05-02-2008
    Lost: Jate video.Kate is always running away from Jack because she can't tell him how much she loves him.But in the end...who knows...
    Wait for me
  • Betrayal

    by Borislava 03-22-2008
    Lost: Kate and Michael are in love but while he's in prison he met Sarah.Michael,who is now free, tries to fix the things with Kate but his love for Sarah is stronger...
  • Set the Fire to the Third Bar

    by Borislava 02-16-2008
    Lost: Just a Jate video both on and off island...(my first jate video since summer break)
    Set the Fire to the Third Bar
  • Feeling a Moment

    by Borislava 11-22-2007
    Lost: Kind of a Lost ensemble video with one of my favourite songs.
    Feeling a Moment
  • Uninvited

    by Borislava 08-18-2007
    Lost: AU.On Anas funeral Kate sees an angel only she can sees.Slowly they fall in love and he give up on his eternity to spend their life together.But then something unexpected happen!
  • Everything will be alright

    by Borislava 06-26-2007
    Lost: Sequel to Broken.Jack finds out about the baby but when he meet heartbroken Kate she tells him that Ben has kidnapped their child for a research.They decide to go back to the island together and find their baby.On the island Jack has wierd dreams and they
    Everything will be alright
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