All The Best Heroes Have Past Issues by Luka



  • "All The Best Heroes Have Past Issues" 08-11-2006
    July 2006 contest 3rd place winner!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Sympathetic by Seether
    Vidder: Luka
    Length: 4:06 (25MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Jack Shephard


  • Luka posted on 13.08. at 06:22
    Ohhhh thanks Borislava!
  • Borislava posted on 13.08. at 05:22
    Amazing video!
    I'm speechless...congratulations!
  • Luka posted on 13.08. at 05:08
    PsychoCynic: Thank you! I use Sony Vegas 6.0!

    Aislynn: I have tried with "24" (by Switchfoot) and "Maybe It's Just Me" (by Butch Walker) before I finally decides for "Sympathetic"... I think I made the right choice

    voprolveras and spalonieve: Thanks guys! *hugs*
  • spalonieve posted on 12.08. at 20:17
    "Sympathetic" was the perfect song to use for Jack!! Congratulations on third
  • Aislynn posted on 12.08. at 18:51
    I loved the opening shot, cutting between Jack and Young Jack's eyes like that! That was just the first hint of the awesomeness that was to follow!

    I'm surprised to hear that this was ever made with any other song because everything just fits so well together! This is a great example of beautiful editing, not a missed beat or too-long scene to be found!

    Congrats on a well-deserved award! This is gorgeous on SO many different levels, you should be really proud of your work!
  • voprolveras posted on 12.08. at 13:40
    Congrats for the 3rd!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 12.08. at 12:03
    First off, excellent song choice for Jack. It was SPOT ON!

    Secondly, great, great vid. Your editing was fabulous and every clip went unwasted. The whole vid truly showed us why Jack is the way he is. It's vids like these that remind me why I loved Season 1 Jack and why it is actually NECESSARY for him to be the hero on the island. He can't admit defeat as he is trying to make up for the times he's failed in the past.

    Lovely job!

    On a sidenote, did you use WMM for this?
  • Luka posted on 12.08. at 11:39
    *jumping around*

    Michelina and Kajam: you guys have no idea how happy I´m after read your comments. Jack is my favourite character ever, and sometimes I have the feeling that a lot of people just can´t see how complex and full of frustrations he is. If you guys can understand Jack and his acts a little more, I fell like my job with this vid was done.

    Polarbear: Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    Hobbes: I´m so glad that you liked! ATBCHDI is my favourite season 1 episode!

    marcus: Thank you! I agree with you about Jacks FB, and thats why I choose him to be the theme of my vid

    Shankle: Hahaha... Ok, I´m a jate shipper... But Jack is my favourite character, and although my love for ship videos, Jack deserves more vids about him only. Thanks!!!

    Cylune: thats so true. Seems like the characters are in a kind of circle that never stops. I´m so happy do read that my vid made you like Jack a little more...

    I want to thank the council for the 3rd place! This was the first time that I submit a vid for the contest, and this video in special means so much to me.
    I remade this video 3 times, with 3 different songs. I send it on the last day, and I was still not convinced about the Setheer song... But now I´m very, very happy!
    Thank you very much!
  • cylune posted on 12.08. at 05:11
    This has got to be one of my favorites Jack video ever! (Other favorites of mine are Uruviel's Scars and Di's My Hero). I love all the parallels you made between his past life and his new life on the island. Watching the vids in this contest really made realized that these characters do really relieve the same things over and over again.

    And in an island filled with criminals, murderers, conman, hit-man and all the rest, it's refreshing to see that Jack's a real Hero, always trying to save someone... I loved Jack before and you made me love him even more!

    On a side note, I would recognized your vid anywhere because you have a really distinctive style that is truly your own.
  • Shankle posted on 12.08. at 04:31
    That was awesome!!!! It's very rare you get a jack video that is in fact a jaCK video. Stupid shipper vids....

    Aaaaanyway, so yeah it's a really great video!!! Jack really does always need something to fix, don't he?
    I'm gonna go watch it again!
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