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  • The Space Between

    by Luka 06-12-2008
    Lost: The space between the tears they cry is the laughter keeps them coming back for more.
    The Space Between
  • From Yesterday

    by Luka 11-22-2007
    Lost: From yesterday its coming. From yesterday the fear. From yesterday it calls him. But he doesnt want to read the message... Just a Jack video...
    From Yesterday
  • We are Broken

    by Luka 07-09-2007
    Lost: Hum... A Jate video...
    We are Broken
  • Who Wants to Live Forever

    by Luka 06-14-2007
    Lost: All of them are lost. Through the looking glass, killers are heroes, junkies are martyrs, friends are lovers, the bad guys are the good ones, ilusions are hope and hope lies on liars hands. But still, they are all survivors and they wanna go home. Through
    Who Wants to Live Forever
  • Distance

    by Luka 05-01-2007
    Lost: Because of Desmonds premonitions, Charlie thinks that he may be putting Claires life on the line, and that Fate is using her as a bait to get to him, but he refuses to tell Claire whats going on to protect her. My first video after a, uhn, short hiatus, a
  • The Promise

    by Luka 02-16-2007
    Lost: 'The fear was so...REAL. Then you counted to five... And you werent afraid anymore. And you fixed her, you saved her.'
    The Promise
  • Losing Your Memory

    by Luka 01-19-2007
    Lost: Jack sacrifices his own life to save Kate. Now, she has to move on with Sawyer and forget about Jack... - Youre losing Your Memory now...
    Losing Your Memory
  • Kiss The Rain

    by Luka 12-26-2006
    Lost: Confusion, memories and feelings. During an emotional Walkie-Talkie conversation with Kate, Jack put his own life on the line to set her and Sawyer free. I think I can say that this was the most difficult video that I ever made, in so many different leve
    Kiss The Rain
  • Lost - The Incredibles

    by Luka 12-16-2006
    Lost: Well... I have no words to describe it... I dont know how... Youll have to watch to see...
    Lost - The Incredibles
  • A Friend Like Ben

    by Luka 12-05-2006
    Lost: Ok... When I started this video, I had an idea in my head... But the final result wasnt exactly what I thought, the songs melody was against me hee... Anyway... Who wants a friend like Ben? Find out...
    A Friend Like Ben
  • One Last Cry

    by Luka 11-22-2006
    Lost: Ok, Im trying something here... So, open your mind to watch this... hee. Ethan falls for Claire, breaking Juliets heart. But he is dead now, and Juliet decides to move on. So, should I call this a Eliett or a Jethan video? hehe
    One Last Cry
  • Open Your Eyes

    by Luka 11-18-2006
    Lost: Doubts, memories and everything in between... Jack & Kate - Open Your Eyes... As far as Im not in my best shipper-mood, make this video was a challenge for me. I gave my best, but Im not sure about the final result. Im still searching for some inspira
    Open Your Eyes
  • Lost-Jack/Spiderman 3 trailer - Lies Within

    by Luka 11-03-2006
    Lost: How long can any man fight the darkness before he finds it in himself?
    Lost-Jack/Spiderman 3 trailer - Lies Within
  • The Hand Of Fate - Season 2 recap

    by Luka 09-14-2006
    Lost: August 2006 contest submission
    The Hand Of Fate - Season 2 recap
  • Save Us

    by Luka 09-08-2006
    Lost: After leave the Island, Desmond realizes that hes the only person who can save the survivors. He decides to come back and help them, but now the time is running out...
    Save Us
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