Gaston Sawyer by Belxf




  • nikkimonique posted on 06.11. at 13:04
    Bel needs to get an Imeem a account so we can watch the vid again.
  • PsychodelicS posted on 06.11. at 12:35
  • eloramoon posted on 29.03. at 13:55
    Hahahaha! That was CLASSIC!!!
  • Polarbear posted on 04.10. at 02:17
    New download link please? I love this!
  • TRoss posted on 25.12. at 23:12
    This is the first vid to get me hooked on YouTube - great job!
  • eve_x posted on 23.12. at 03:12
    LOO, that was so hilarious
  • Hanne posted on 22.12. at 02:38
    so funny!!!!!
    and the charliepart is fantastic
    and when the girls look at sawyer hilarious
  • phoenix39 posted on 16.09. at 19:24
    Wow. It's no wonder this one got first. Congrats!

    I absolutely loved your clip editing to make it look like Charlie was talking to Sawyer and the lip synching was superb. Your clips with the beat and lyrics were fantastic. And all of Sawyer's fangirls... *thud*
  • flight815survivor posted on 17.07. at 12:01
    woot. Best aprt has to be "And every last inch of me's covered with hair" thankfully sawyer isn't but that pose WOW swoon. Loved the girls in this vid lol.
  • phaniat posted on 12.07. at 05:18
    Loved your vid!
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