Pretenders by ChicaFrom3

  • "Pretenders" 05-19-2005
    A look at the relationship of the two biggest pretenders on the island--Sawyer and Shannon.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: So Much For Pretending by Bryan White
    Vidder: ChicaFrom3
    Length: 2:31 (8.76 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Shawyer", Shannon Rutherford


  • ChicaFrom3 posted on 23.02. at 12:51
    Thanks for the feedback, Aislynn, Sheree, and Imaginary-Peanut-Butter!

    (Wow, this brings back memories...this was my first Lost vid...)
  • Imaginary-Peanut-Butter posted on 23.02. at 12:45
    Loved it! I think Sawyer has a great character and Lost wouldn't be Lost without Every show need's the bad guy
    This was my fave Shannon vid I've seen so far - Well done!
  • Sheree posted on 09.07. at 21:19
    OMG LOL...I just submitted a video just now ...and decided to check out the Artists that have been used and was Happy to see Bryan White was (one of fave singers)...what an awesome COOL vid ...very clever -Excellent job!
  • Aislynn posted on 21.05. at 23:36
    Hobbes wrote:
    Ai-yai-yai >.< you're gonna be the death of me Aislynn, I just know it.

    Good thing I'm just so darn cute and loveable, huh? Uh, right? Hobbes? Anybody???

    Anyway, now that I've seen this entire vid, just wanted to pop back in and say how much I enjoyed it! You did a great job bringing these two together with such limited material! And I really liked your use of still pics. That's something a lot of vidders seem to shy away from any more but I think it's a perfectly valid technique.

    I liked how you used the whole "The Con Man and the Princess" and "Pretenders" themes, too. Like I said before, it reminds me of a really great movie trailer!

    Again, I really enjoyed this and thought you did an excellent job! Looking forward to seeing more of your vids!

  • ChicaFrom3 posted on 21.05. at 20:49
    Just found this thread...thrilled that people have seen my video. And even more thrilled that you liked it! Yay!
  • Hobbes posted on 19.05. at 23:52
    Ai-yai-yai >.< you're gonna be the death of me Aislynn, I just know it.
  • Aislynn posted on 19.05. at 23:43
    Yes, it's beginning to come in! Looks great, Chica! I love what you did with the titles at the start, kinda has a "movie" feel to them (a sort of "and now starring..." thing!). Cool!

    However, I would really appreciate a YSI link too so I can save it to watch over again. That is, if there's no objection from Chica or anybody.

  • Hobbes posted on 19.05. at 22:30
    doh >.< the side-effects of using Putfile come into view
    Yes, it can only be viewed on the site. But the good news is, people can upload videos into other uploading programs, so you can then download from that kind of like the torrents issue
    please say it's working by now..?
    If not, I'll upload it over yousendit (the forbidden word) ONLY because I know the countless amounts of your computer problems have now prevented you from downloading from anything else whatsoever Stupid AOL >.<

    Btw, Aislynn, is AOL your actual internet service, or is it your browser...? I'm confused
  • Aislynn posted on 19.05. at 22:08
    Yay, Chica! I'm so glad you got this vid done!

    However, I have a stupid question. I've never used Putfile before and I'm confused. Is the vid going to stream into the Media Player-ish looking window that's coming up? So I can't save it to my own computer? It has to be viewed only online?

    I feel like a giant moron for having to have somebody walk me through this, but believe me, this won't be the first time today that I've felt like a giant moron... (Had a rough day, it's best not to ask...)

    Anyway, I picked the smallest size and hopefully something will pass through eventually. Dial-up and streaming video aren't exactly a good match, ya know...

    Anyway, I really hope to be able to see this one! Thanks again, Chica, for making this vid!

  • Hobbes posted on 19.05. at 16:06
    This was such a good use of those few few few clips of Shannon and Sawyer, that I just HAD to vote YES! A very skillfully handled project to make that note that these two actually have a relationship I loved it!
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