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Username: ChicaFrom3
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Other Fandoms: Andromeda, Doctor Who, Firefly, Heroes
Website: chicafrom3.livejournal.com
Email: chickadee_from_3@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: Hey, I'm Kristen, more commonly known as ChicaFrom3. I'm a 21-year-old theater major with plans on Broadway. I started music vidding as a way to kill time when I had writer's block and became hooked! I've been watching Lost since the first episode and adore it, most especially Charlie and Claire, who are my OTP, but I also 'ship some of the more unconventional pairings, like Shannon/Sawyer, Michael/Sun, and Sayid/Danielle. I'm an Emilie de Ravin fangirl with eclectic tastes in music, and I hope you enjoy my vids! <3

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