broken like an angel by fadingspark


  • fadingspark posted on 04.05. at 03:25
    Thanks so much Aislynn. *hugs*
  • Aislynn posted on 01.05. at 14:52
    You already know that I loved this one but I'll say it again here too... Great job putting a story together!

    The song really fit Claire really nicely, too. I've really started to dig it now that I've heard it a few times on this vid!

    Great job!
  • LVI Bot posted on 01.05. at 13:42
    "broken like an angel" 05-01-2006
    Claire has been so mistreated by Charlie that she is simply broken. All she wants is to find love again.
    Song: broken like an angel by crossfade
    Vidder: fadingspark
    Length: 4:11 (26.5mb wmv)


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