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  • Beating Hearts Baby

    by fadingspark 06-06-2008
    Lost: Sawyer loves Kate, even when she doesn't treat him right.
    Beating Hearts Baby
  • Deja Vu

    by fadingspark 06-03-2008
    Lost: After leaving the island and finding out that Claire is related to him, Jack starts to feel guilty about leaving her behind. His guilt manifests, eventually pushing him to his breaking point.
    Deja Vu
  • Bleeding Love

    by fadingspark 06-02-2008
    Lost: AU. Claire's had some bad experiences with love in the past that's made it hard to trust, but when she meets Sawyer, she feels a connection. Everyone thinks he's a bad man and that she shouldn't be with him, but Claire doesn't care because she's in love.
    Bleeding Love
  • My Skin

    by fadingspark 06-01-2008
    Lost: A character study of Claire Littleton and the hardships she's been through.
    My Skin
  • love song requiem

    by fadingspark 09-22-2007
    Lost: Heroes/Lost crossover. When Peter falls into a coma, he dreams of a girl he's never seen before. He's enthralled by her, and when he wakes up, he sees her in the paper. He sets out to find her and when he does, he falls in love with her all over again.
    love song requiem
  • on fire

    by fadingspark 02-16-2007
    Lost: Claire's with Charlie, but she's really unhappy. Eventually Desmond comes back into her life, and she realises that it's him that she loves.
    on fire
  • better than me

    by fadingspark 12-16-2006
    Lost: Sawyer knows he isn't good enough for Claire. He has to let her go.
    better than me
  • my confession

    by fadingspark 12-12-2006
    Lost: Locke realises that he's in love with Claire. Follows him from his denial, to his admittal.
    my confession
  • take my hand

    by fadingspark 11-26-2006
    Lost: Desmond can save Claire, and she wants him to.
    take my hand
  • snow white queen

    by fadingspark 11-25-2006
    Lost: Claire remembers the fear Ethan brought to her, and Ethan remembers his Snow White Queen.
    snow white queen
  • lovefool

    by fadingspark 10-30-2006
    Lost: A cute, non-serious, fluffy video about Claire and Desmond and how they love each other, but won't admit their feelings.
  • protege moi

    by fadingspark 10-25-2006
    Lost: A Claire/Locke video with a dark AU twist. Locke is enamoured with Claire from the moment he lays eyes on her. She likes the attention for a little while, until he starts to get obsessed with her. She's starting to get scared as he starts to get threa
    protege moi
  • predictable

    by fadingspark 10-21-2006
    Lost: Anti-Charlie/Claire. Claire is sick of Charlie and his drug habit - it's becoming predictable and she doesn't want him to come around any more.
  • nobody wins

    by fadingspark 05-06-2006
    Lost: Claire and Locke just cant win in a reletionship A purely angsty AU video
    nobody wins
  • broken like an angel

    by fadingspark 05-01-2006
    Lost: Claire has been so mistreated by Charlie that she is simply broken. All she wants is to find love again.
    broken like an angel
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