It's Not Easy by Hobbes



  • "It's Not Easy" 04-15-2006
    Even heroes like Jack can feel unwanted sometimes. An abstract Jack character study - with animation.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Superman by Five For Fighting
    Vidder: Hobbes
    Length: 3:41 (13.2MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Jack Shephard


  • Hobbes posted on 02.05. at 23:32
    Um, I just had a huge data loss situatuon involving one of my hard drives going kaput, and I lost a few files, one of which was my copy of this video in high quality (and low quality actually, but thanks to Aislynn's help I ave it back! YIPPEE! ) does anyone have it out there in internet land by ANY chance? I fear what will happen if I try to rerender this thing in Vegas after this incident.
  • Hobbes posted on 25.04. at 20:12
    Thanks Angie! If you need another link or anything, feel free to ask!
  • alienangie posted on 20.04. at 01:54
    Thanks Warren, I finally got the zshare link to work...sheesh my PC is selective with what sites it likes! lol

    Again, a MASSIVE *WOW* to that vid, its just amazing!

  • Hobbes posted on 20.04. at 00:14
    Wow, thanks guys I'd give you all individual thanks, but then that would just look like I'm intentionally milking it

    And I see the evil smokemonster strikes again!

    Well, technically, it's struck from a different angle In my own little homage to Speed of Sound, I decided that monster scene needed a bit more substance than just a smoke figure moving, then the plane jumping
    I also souped-up the monster a bit in this one, and I talked to it and it may be interested in some future roles in the upcoming videos
    Nah, I won't spoil the image, I'll just save ol' Smokey for the most vital circumstances.

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    If you like the animation in here, be sure to enter my contest: for a chance to win my animating services on one of your videos!
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    If its not too much trouble, could yo adda download link? Id love to have a copy saved on my PC!

    Still need that link, or did the Zshare link work for you Angie?
  • Hollywood posted on 19.04. at 22:43
    Warren, what can I possibly say that everyone hasn't already? Simply amazing!!!
    I've always loved this song and you did such a wonderful job with it. The animation was awesome (<-- I had to say it too), I really liked it when you had the black smoke/island monster/security system or whatever the hell it is ~ collide with the wing of the plane. That was cool..... and I liked the cape as well.

    Just a nice, solid and beautiful video you got here H.
    Great Job! I Loved it!!!
  • MovieGuy posted on 19.04. at 15:44
    Those zshare links are downloadable, alienangie.

    Wow Warren.... just wow.

    Brilliant seriously.
  • alienangie posted on 19.04. at 15:39
    A - frigging - mazing!

    Its when I see vids like this I realise just why none have mine have gotten a council pick. Theyre just in another league completely!

    If its not too much trouble, could yo adda download link? Id love to have a copy saved on my PC!

  • mmanson posted on 18.04. at 12:21
    Hobbes wrote:

    mmanson: don't shoot yourself but thanks!

    I won't, don't worry. I wanted you to know, that I liked your vid a lot
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  • SuperKC posted on 18.04. at 07:56
    I loved this video. It was awesome. I am continually impressed with your vidding skills. And I see the evil smokemonster strikes again!

    Very nicely done.
  • Zatherran posted on 18.04. at 03:59
    Hobbes wrote:
    Thanks DS That was one of my favourite parts too.

    And I like that theory imbedded in the video about how it crashed and Jack got thrown into the jungle. Awesome job.

    glad you noticed that. Though I don't actualyl think that's how he landed I just wanted to do something abstract and tying-in with the cape, and that was exactly what I always saw when I heard the song so I just went for it

    You are awsome... thanks wonderful video!
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