Sick Cycle by Kaory



  • "Sick Cycle" 03-24-2006
    Sawyer and Ana lucia talk about their past
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Sick Cycle Carousel by Lifehouse
    Vidder: Kaory
    Length: 4:04 (14.8 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Sana"


  • Kaory posted on 16.10. at 02:23
    sorry, i change the link and upload it to youtube (its too late?)

  • Killers Angel Eyes posted on 06.07. at 11:46
    I wanna watch this but the links aren't working for me!
  • Uherenye posted on 14.05. at 13:09
    one word: AMAZING. Great job!
  • Yakka84 posted on 14.05. at 05:39
    Sorry - I didn't really get the Sawyer - ana lucia link.... there seemed to be no conversation bewteen them and would have worked just as well with two different videos...anyway, the effects were great though and great choice of song!
  • *Niah* posted on 13.05. at 03:20
    Amazing. Absolutely the best. I'm really at a loss for words, that video was just so... touching. I need to watch it again
  • Kaory posted on 10.04. at 11:14
    Try to download the vid here:
  • Rainstorm21 posted on 07.04. at 23:43
    I really want to watch this video badly but it keeps stopping on me 20 seconds into the video Do you think maybe you can reupload it again? Thank you!
  • lolohannah posted on 01.04. at 09:56
    Just watched this and thought it was magnificant. I naturally support this ship because I'm a Jater and anything to get them both away from Jack and Kate lol.

    But this is such a brilliant video and you can see the similarities to there pasts.
  • Hobbes posted on 28.03. at 15:43
    Sorry for the confusion, but this definitely DID get a Council Pick lol. Just a small council mistake Congrats on the great vid!
  • KajaM posted on 28.03. at 07:37
    Some parts of the vid are quite good like the split screen or the way the scenes turn almost as if really in a "cycle". But I see a few problems with this video... and please regard it as constructive criticism only. I don't mean to offend you in any way, just want to make a few suggestions that you might find helpful for your next Lost video:

    - The parts of the video where you show Sawyer or Ana in the background and moments of their past in the foreground are just too long, I think. The lyrics of this song are really good and clever and it would have been a bit better if you had used a few more scenes here.

    - You show the "sick cycle carousel" of both characters, i.e. mistakes they have made in the past, but that's the only connection I can see between the two of them in your video. In your description you say that they talk about their past. But for that the video would need far more scenes where you can actually see them together, see them talking. To me, for example, the video seem to be more of a comparison of the two characters and their past rather than that they actually talk to each other and have a relationship on the island.
    What I basically mean, is that the main idea of your video is not that clear.

    As I mentioned before, it's constructive criticism and a few suggestions only, cuz some parts of the video are really good.
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