Juke Box Hero by Noj

  • "Juke Box Hero" 02-22-2006
    Charlie Pace of Legendary Rock band Driveshaft. Losts very own Juke Box Hero!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Juke Box Hero by Bad Company
    Vidder: Noj
    Length: 4:41 (20MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Charlie Pace


  • Distress Signal posted on 06.03. at 15:31
    Well, I agree, that was a bit unjust for me to say you didn't have a story. I knew what you were going for because I did it all the time, but what I should have said is that it relied or seemed to rely heavily on the song lyrics to bring the vid through. The council seems to say that a storyline in chronology itself is a story, but now that you've explained what you wanted to show for the story I kind of get it now. I'm sorry I'm an amateur critic. There are much better critics around on LVI who could probably give you better pointers, but overall I liked this vid and especially the music choice. I tried to comment on how I liked it at first but at the same time gave some honest opinions of what I thought you could improve on. I want to see how you make your next vids though. Nobody should give up.

    By the way, if nobody else comments on this thread, you can always go to this page: http://www.lostvideo.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=4213 and ask the professionals over there what they think if you really want to improve. Just hoping I can help.
  • Noj posted on 06.03. at 14:14
    Well kind of, but your thing about story in the clips seemed a bit unjust. The lyrics tell all the story that's really needed, and I matched clips to them, and yes the rest of the clips can be called "random" but they are actually done in a certain sort of way, somewhat story like though it may be hard to spot. Earlier clips he's more down, cold turkey, unrecognised, not resuscitated etc. Later he IS recognised, jack revives him etc. It's about the best I could do since I only had limited clips to use and I'm not an Oscar level director lol.
    Effects wise I can never find a way to fit them in without them just being cheesy. Pace of the song meant fading etc didn't really work. I have ideas for another video but I dunno if anyone wants to see it, it won't have much of a story to it because it's an orchestral piece.
  • Distress Signal posted on 06.03. at 12:43
    I gave you some feedback of what I wanted to see, etc. Did my advice help you any? I meant it as contructive criticism, not harshness. Hopefully others might comment though.
  • Noj posted on 06.03. at 07:45
    Anybody else gonna bother to watch it or comment? Unless I get some feedback I don't know what I should do, what you guys wanna see etc
  • Noj posted on 04.03. at 09:32
    Ah well thats the song I got sent by a mate, nothing I can do about it now

    Glad you...somewhat liked it.
  • Distress Signal posted on 04.03. at 08:39
    Juke Box Hero is by Foreigner, not Bad Company.

    Anyway, I watched it and I was surprised that you made it! I remember having the idea myself to make a Charlie rock video out of Juke Box Hero, but the reason I didn't is because I thought it would be too hard. I liked the bits of audio you put in, especially for the 'roar of the crowd', but some of the audio was distracting. My biggest qualm about the vid is that you added a lot of random clips in for no reason or just the song reason, especially at the end where Kate was drinking a shot. That had nothing to do with Charlie. It didn't have a story to it, and that's what would make this vid a lot better, clipwise. And maybe some effects, to have it stand out.

    I liked the idea though. Keep vidding!
  • LVI Bot posted on 04.03. at 03:07
    "Juke Box Hero" 02-22-2006
    Charlie Pace of Legendary Rock band Driveshaft. Losts very own Juke Box Hero!
    Song: Juke Box Hero by Bad Company
    Vidder: Noj
    Length: 4:41 (20MB WMV)

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGSpukhTXbA

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