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xoxStephxox (Steph)

Username: xoxStephxox
Alternate Name: Steph
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Bio: Hey im new to vidding ... and still trying to improve my skills but hope you like my vids ...

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  • Again

    by xoxStephxox 03-15-2009
    Lost: Au Vid - When kate is about to Marry someone else - Jack tries to stop the wedding. Will she meet him at the airport and leave her finace?? (No fancy editing - i Just LOVED the story in the song)
  • Fate

    by xoxStephxox 05-30-2007
    Lost: Jack reflects back on his relationship with kate and how he believes they are destined for each other - clips from season 3 finale.
  • Lost Game

    by xoxStephxox 07-19-2006
    Lost: Its a medly of songs from the musical Blood Brothers, to show the game of emotions that lost portrays.
    Lost Game
  • War

    by xoxStephxox 05-13-2006
    Lost: Short vid about the motivation the castaways are given to go against the others in a War.
  • Part of your world

    by xoxStephxox 05-12-2006
    Lost: An ironic look at Kate and the world she lives in.
    Part of your world
1-5 of 5 Videos 1