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starrylizard (Lizzie)

Username: starrylizard
Alternate Name: Lizzie
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Various fandoms as they take my fancy
Website: http://starrylizard.livejournal.com
Email: starrylizard@gmail.comLVI
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Bio: Hi I'm Lizzie, I'm Australian and I work a desk job for a living. I've been vidding for quite a few years now, starting with very simplistic vids in Windows Movie Maker and now somewhat better vids with Sony Vegas. I started out in Stargate Atlantis fandom, moved to SupernaturaI and these days I vid whatever fandom takes my fancy. I vid for fun, but I am always interested in constructive criticism and discussion of my vids. So feel free to make in depth comments if it takes your fancy. Hope to meet you all around the site. It looks great!

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  • El Tango Sherlock

    by starrylizard 05-18-2012
    Sherlock: Let Sherlock take you on a black & white tango experience.
    El Tango Sherlock
  • Travellers please come home

    by starrylizard 05-01-2012
    Primeval: Every traveller please come home and tell us all that you have seen. A Primeval fan vid made for Bethemoon for Festivids 2011. One of the requests was for a study of how dangerous and hard this job is which caught my fancy. Comments of all sorts welcomed
    Travellers please come home
  • Meet the O.D.S

    by starrylizard 04-25-2012
    Chaos: Meet the O.D.S. Last of the old school spies. A fun introduction to Chaos and it's characters.
    Meet the O.D.S
1-3 of 3 Videos 1