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Bio: I live in Seattle USA and love LOST!

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  • Destiny VS Choice

    by spalonieve 08-11-2006
    Lost: July 2006 contest submission - Is there a connection between flashbacks? Follow the path from Libby through various characters and back to Libby again. You decide.
    Destiny VS Choice
  • Brighter Than Sunshine

    by spalonieve 07-04-2006
    Lost: Jack/Locke video using clips from through the end of Season Two.
    Brighter Than Sunshine
  • All Drawn Out

    by spalonieve 06-04-2006
    Lost: An angsty Season One video featuring Jack and Locke - pretty gen but could be considered slash depending on your pov.
    All Drawn Out
  • Hands Open

    by spalonieve 05-28-2006
    Lost: Video exploring the relationship of Jack and Locke through Season One. Set to Hands Open by Snow Patrol.
    Hands Open
1-4 of 4 Videos 1