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Username: sendtherain
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Bio: I accidentally got into Lost this summer, and now I can't stop making silly little music videos.

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  • Goodbye to you

    by sendtherain 07-24-2007
    Lost: A look at what Kate might have felt when going to meet Jack in the season 3 flash. She wants to stay, but knows it's wrong.
    Goodbye to you
  • Bad News

    by sendtherain 07-24-2007
    Lost: My take on Kate and Sawyer's relationship, from the very beginning. They each see themselves as bad news, but together they can be something else.
    Bad News
  • This Must Be...Infatuation

    by sendtherain 07-24-2007
    Lost: Jack and Sawyer both vying for Kate's attentions, and her inability to decide between the two of them.
    This Must Be...Infatuation
  • Rescued by Jack's Mannequin

    by sendtherain 07-24-2007
    Lost: A look at Jack and Kate's relationship, mainly throughout the course of season 3. The song is Jack's perspective, for the most part.
    Rescued by Jack's Mannequin
1-4 of 4 Videos 1