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  • Don't say

    by sawyersa 04-10-2009
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer are trying to find the way back to eachother.
    Don't say
  • Open your Eyes

    by sawyersa 03-12-2009
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate have been separated for a long time now is time for their reunion.
    Open your Eyes
  • When you're gone

    by sawyersa 02-10-2009
    Lost: Sawyer is missing Kate ,he thinks she's gone.Kate is alive and off the island,she realizes that he was the man she loves,and is pining for him.
    When you're gone
  • King Smoke

    by sawyersa 12-08-2008
    Lost: A filmaker takes his cast and crew to an island,who is inhabit by natives and a dangerous black smoke.
    King Smoke
  • Too lost in you

    by sawyersa 10-15-2008
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer are in love,but he has to sacrifice for her and stay on the island. She is missing him.
    Too lost in you
  • Bang,Bang.

    by sawyersa 05-15-2008
    Lost: Two outlaws in love.
1-6 of 6 Videos 1