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savypink (Savannah)

Username: savypink
Alternate Name: Savannah
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  • SKATE-Just a Dream(Airplanes)

    by savypink 07-24-2010
    Lost: Just a little video about Sawyer and Kate's relationship throughout the series. Its a bit of a theory about the sideways world but it can be interpreted differently. Please comment or rate! :)
    SKATE-Just a Dream(Airplanes)
  • Happiness (Skate/Jate AU)

    by savypink 06-01-2010
    Lost: What happens after the Ajira plane lands. The continuation of the love triangle...you didn't think it would end did you? Pretty much one of my day dreams.
    Happiness (Skate/Jate AU)
  • You Know Me: Skate

    by savypink 05-16-2010
    Lost: A video about sawyer and kate's 'song' or love. How it is bleeding though into the alt-world. Inspired by the similarities of the alt world; hoping they will remember soon! I had some audio problems with this one but it was beyond my control. Enjoy! :)
    You Know Me: Skate
1-3 of 3 Videos 1