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  • Guardian Angel

    by ronniekins77 05-15-2008
    Lost: A Jack/Kate vid about how they are always there for each other.
    Guardian Angel
  • Everything

    by ronniekins77 05-06-2008
    Lost: A Jack/Kate video made before the season 3 finale, and in celebration of 200 threads @ Fanforum.
  • Yesterday

    by ronniekins77 04-14-2007
    Lost: Jack just wishes for yesterday. Covers his relationships with his father, Sarah, and Kate.
  • You're Still You

    by ronniekins77 04-14-2007
    Lost: Jack ponders his relationship with Kate after he sees her with Sawyer. Pretty much about Jack's love for her.
    You're Still You
  • If Everyone Cared

    by ronniekins77 04-14-2007
    Lost: A Jack and Kate video. The two of them have problems that get in the way of them fully opening up to each other: lies, pride, etc.
    If Everyone Cared
  • Can't Take It In

    by ronniekins77 04-14-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate's story. Chronicled through Man From Tallahassee.
    Can't Take It In
  • The Scientist

    by ronniekins77 02-06-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate vid. Told from Jack's POV.
    The Scientist
  • When You Say Nothing At All

    by ronniekins77 02-02-2007
    Lost: Kate's life hasn't been a happy one. And when she meets Jack Shephard, she is reminded painfully of Tom every time she's with him, but she comes to realize that he won't leave her like Tom did. And her life becomes happy again.
    When You Say Nothing At All
  • Why Can't I

    by ronniekins77 02-01-2007
    Lost: Claire is always thinking of Charlie. Very slightly AU, mainly because the vid follows the lyrics to the song.
    Why Can't I
  • Breathing

    by ronniekins77 01-24-2007
    Lost: A simple Jack/Kate video from both of their POVs.
  • Wasted Years

    by ronniekins77 01-21-2007
    Lost: An AU Charlie/Claire vid, in which Charlie gets Claire pregnant, but she has an abortion, which leads to Charlie becoming a junkie, among other things. Claire breaks up with him and it becomes more than he can take. The scenes in color are the 'what could
    Wasted Years
  • Count on Me

    by ronniekins77 01-20-2007
    Lost: This video is basically about the struggles in Charlie's and Claire's relationship. Claire is finding it hard to adjust to many changing aspects of her life like giving birth and being on an island and can't handle Charlie's drug problem. Charl This vide
    Count on Me
  • Uninvited

    by ronniekins77 11-27-2006
    Lost: Kate doesn't want Sawyer in her life. But he's there anyway.
1-13 of 13 Videos 1