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nomad (nomadff7)

Username: nomad
Alternate Name: nomadff7
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Other Fandoms: Queer As Folk US, Glee, Community, Doctor Who
Email: justfortrlteam@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: I have been making music videos for various fandoms with my sister for a few years now but I am on my own for Lost videos. I hope to make more Lost videos in the future once I can come up with more ideas!

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  • Community: Cuckoo

    by nomad 11-28-2014
    Community: I made this tribute to the first three seasons just as the fifth one started, and I hope I was able to capture a lot of what makes this show so great!
    Community: Cuckoo
  • Kurt & Blaine: I Do

    by nomad 11-28-2014
    Glee: It's been a crazy long time since I've submitted to LVI, but I never stopped vidding! I made this video last year after the first episode of Glee season 5 aired. My very first Kurt and Blaine movie was to the song Falling For You by Colbie Caillat, so thi
    Kurt & Blaine: I Do
  • Charlie & Claire: Falling Apart

    by nomad 08-06-2009
    Lost: Charlie and Claire's story together through all of their ups and downs, and how even though they had their problems, they always came back together.
    Charlie & Claire: Falling Apart
  • I Miss You - Daniel/Desmond

    by nomad 06-14-2009
    Lost: Daniel and Desmond were together and went through a nasty breakup. Both regret what happened and wish more than anything that they could get back what they lost.
    I Miss You - Daniel/Desmond
  • Who Knew?

    by nomad 06-07-2009
    Lost: Is three years long enough to get over someone?
    Who Knew?
  • Ten Days

    by nomad 03-25-2008
    Lost: A video from Kate's point of view about how she can't help but be drawn to Sawyer, no matter how many times they break apart.
    Ten Days
  • How I Feel

    by nomad 09-22-2007
    Lost: This movie is about Kate and how if she doesn't sort out her feelings for the men in her life soon, they might move on leaving her without any choice to make.
    How I Feel
  • Like a Surgeon

    by nomad 07-05-2007
    Lost: I have wanted to make a montage to a Weird Al song for a long time and lucky Jack just so happens to be a surgeon, so he got to be my guinea pig!
    Like a Surgeon
  • Special

    by nomad 04-24-2007
    Lost: Kate has always seemed to have this idea of the perfect guy in her head. The problem is that love is not about what you think you want, it's about what you feel in your heart, and her heart has led her to Sawyer - no matter how imperfect he is.
  • Hold On

    by nomad 07-25-2006
    Lost: This video is about Hurley and his struggles before and after Libbys death. Once she is gone, will he continue to get better or follow Dave again?
    Hold On
  • Creep

    by nomad 07-03-2006
    Lost: An AU video. This movie is from the point of view of Charlie and shows how while he loves Claire his drug use is still a problem.
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