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nessie (Ness)

Username: nessie
Alternate Name: Ness
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  • Ron and Hermione

    by nessie 10-31-2011
    Harry Potter: A recap of their relationship from their first meeting on the train, building to that climatic moment in the chamber.
    Ron and Hermione
  • Throw your arms around me

    by nessie 07-28-2010
    Lost: Haven't made a vid in ages. But I had to make this last one (more for myself, really) to say goodbye to Jack&Kate, thought I'd share it.
    Throw your arms around me
  • This Heart Attack

    by nessie 06-07-2008
    Lost: Whatta know? Another triangle vid. Like there ain't enough of em. But I like the song and thought it'd make a half decent vid. Youtube link sucks btw. Go for the zshare :)
    This Heart Attack
  • Soon you'll see

    by nessie 02-29-2008
    Lost: Kate - soon she'll see
    Soon you'll see
  • Pure Massacre

    by nessie 12-06-2006
    Lost: November 2006 contest 2nd place winner!
    Pure Massacre
  • Shimmer

    by nessie 11-11-2006
    Lost: Jack - letting go of all that shimmers.
  • This Years Love

    by nessie 09-11-2006
    Lost: Just a sweet little Jate Vid I put together
    This Years Love
  • One

    by nessie 08-28-2006
    Lost: There are two sides to every story...
  • Closer

    by nessie 08-21-2006
    Lost: Inspired by the movie CLOSER- If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking.
  • Is It any Wonder?

    by nessie 08-11-2006
    Lost: July 2006 contest submission
    Is It any Wonder?
  • Theres Something About You

    by nessie 07-25-2006
    Lost: In what world would a fugitive a doctor find eachother so alluring? I guess theres just something about them...
    Theres Something About You
  • Long way from Paradise

    by nessie 07-16-2006
    Lost: An expanded glance at some of the survivors. On the outside- the eye of the island appears beautiful, but paradise is just not peripheral.
    Long way from Paradise
  • Set On You

    by nessie 07-05-2006
    Lost: Jates gonna to happen but its gonna take a whole lot of precious time to get it right.
    Set On You
  • O Verona

    by nessie 06-07-2006
    Lost: Live Together Die alone. What J/K/S have experienced alone and what they will be going thru together
    O Verona
  • My Little Runaway

    by nessie 05-24-2006
    Lost: I wouldnt categorize it as an original Jate Video- but its very different to some others out there. Jacks P.O.V
    My Little Runaway
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