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mrgrace (Lady586)

Username: mrgrace
Alternate Name: Lady586
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Other Fandoms: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/
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  • Sawyer/Kate [fan-made] promo season 6

    by mrgrace 01-06-2010
    Lost: I wanted to make a promo for this great couple. Sawyer and Kate will always be my OTP, because they're beautiful, hot and of course epic!
    Sawyer/Kate [fan-made] promo season 6
  • Breaking dawn: Lost style

    by mrgrace 05-31-2009
    Lost: May 2009 contest 1st place winner! Breaking dawn by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight saga), 1st book - Bella. Kate as Bella, Sawyer as Edward.
    Breaking dawn: Lost style
  • 5x16 - 5x17 - Martial law

    by mrgrace 05-23-2009
    Lost: The season finale 95x16 - 5x17) recap from another point of view with an alternate ending.
    5x16 - 5x17 - Martial law
  • Mamma mia - Skate

    by mrgrace 04-29-2009
    Lost: April 2009 contest 1st place winner! I always associate 70s with smth bright and colourful. So I tried my best to make a vid in this style. It is simple AU Skate vid with a happy ending. For more details check out its description on YT.
    Mamma mia - Skate
  • We belong together

    by mrgrace 04-24-2009
    Lost: Another Skate vid, included 5x08, 5x09. Something like a tribute to this couple.
    We belong together
  • Gravity of love

    by mrgrace 04-14-2009
    Lost: Just a vid about epic love. A vid about Skate.
    Gravity of love
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