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Username: mfirefly10
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Other Fandoms: BSG, Firefly, Bones, Merlin, Grey's Anatomy, etc...
Website: http://mfirefly10.livejournal.com/

Bio: I've been a fan of Lost since the very first episode and I can't wait to see how it all ends!

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  • Who You Were // The Walking Dead season 3

    by mfirefly10 12-14-2012
    The Walking Dead: MAJOR SPOILERS for 3.0 // General season 3.0/3a overview // Warnings for the usual violence associated with zombies and partial nudity.
    Who You Were // The Walking Dead season 3
  • Dotted Lines

    by mfirefly10 11-20-2012
    Multifandom: multifandom couples. made for the fifth international day of femslash back in july. canon ships only. somewhat angsty.
    Dotted Lines
  • Come Around a multifandom tribute to femslash

    by mfirefly10 12-17-2011
    Multifandom: This is an old video I made for the international day of femslash a few years back. canon and non canon couples included from various shows and movies.
    Come Around a multifandom tribute to femslash
  • Belief (A James/Juliet vid)

    by mfirefly10 06-08-2010
    Lost: This vid is meant to honor the love, trust, and faith Sawyer and Juliet have in one another.
    Belief (A James/Juliet vid)
  • Permanent

    by mfirefly10 12-31-2009
    Lost: A simple video highlighting the relationship between James 'Sawyer' Ford & Juliet Burke. Spoilers thru. The Incident.
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