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Other Fandoms: Harry Potter, Labyrinth
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  • Leroy

    by melissaq9 05-05-2008
    Lost: May 2008 Contest Submission. Nikki is Leroy
  • Through the Floor

    by melissaq9 05-02-2008
    Lost: Sayid reflects on the good and bad memories of his relationship as he is preparing to leave...
    Through the Floor
  • Better Man

    by melissaq9 04-29-2008
    Lost: Juliet can't find a better man...
    Better Man
  • Cemetary Drive

    by melissaq9 04-14-2008
    Lost: Jack gets off the island but he can't stop thinking about Juliet and it's driving him crazy.
    Cemetary Drive
  • Forever May Not Be Long Enough

    by melissaq9 04-13-2008
    Lost: When Sayid disappears Juliet makes a deal with Ben to save him.
    Forever May Not Be Long Enough
  • Damn Regret

    by melissaq9 04-01-2008
    Lost: Jack reflects on his past on the island and his one true regret...losing Kate.
    Damn Regret
  • Poor Henry

    by melissaq9 03-29-2008
    Lost: A nod to poor Henry who gets beat up quite often. He gets his revenge in the end though.
    Poor Henry
  • Classifieds

    by melissaq9 03-29-2008
    Lost: Clips of Ben Linus from Season 3.
  • Everybody's Talking My Baby Down

    by melissaq9 03-29-2008
    Lost: Juliet is drawn to Ben but everyone tells her he is no good. Despite what they say, she is still Ben's girl.
    Everybody's Talking My Baby Down
  • Wake Up

    by melissaq9 03-29-2008
    Lost: A look at Ben and Juliet and the troubles their relationship faces, such as the plane crash, deaths of friends, and Juliet's infidelity with Jack.
    Wake Up
  • The Otherville Town Dance

    by melissaq9 03-29-2008
    Lost: When their plane crashes on the island Ben and the Others try to welcome Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. But when they reject their hospitality Ben decides they need to be punished.
    The Otherville Town Dance
1-11 of 11 Videos 1