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lozza19910 (Laura)

Username: lozza19910
Alternate Name: Laura
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Email: lagaskarth@fsmail.netLVI
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Bio: I lv making videos about lost by fav shippers are ConMama, skate and jate i like making videos that are about either kate skate and jate. leave me a comment to let me know wat you think thanks!!!

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  • All Fall Down Kate Jack Sawyer new

    by lozza19910 05-29-2010
    Lost: Read YT :) I hope you like it!! :) im thinking about making a part 2 let me know if you think i should :)
    All Fall Down Kate Jack Sawyer new
  • Kate Jack Sawyer Unfaithful

    by lozza19910 12-30-2008
    Lost: Discription on YT HUGE THANK YOU TO NIKKI FOR HELP AND KAT FOR THIS AMAZING VID PIC I LV IT!!!! Thank you i hope you all enjoy this
    Kate Jack Sawyer Unfaithful
  • Jack/Kate/Sawyer Taking Over Me

    by lozza19910 09-17-2008
    Lost: An AU the storyline is that Kate and Sawyer are happy together until Kate meets Jack, and he becomes very obbsesive with Kate (from the moment they meet) and her being with Sawyer but what will happen??? Im sooooooooo proud of it
    Jack/Kate/Sawyer Taking Over Me
  • Kate Jack Sawyer All Fall Down

    by lozza19910 07-17-2008
    Lost: This is a AU please read youtube for the description. :D :D :D I hope you guys like this im so proud of it
    Kate Jack Sawyer All Fall Down
  • Kate/Sawyer One Minute

    by lozza19910 07-11-2008
    Lost: This is a kate and sayer video about their relationship I hope you all enjoy please comment thank you xx
    Kate/Sawyer One Minute
  • Kate Because Of You

    by lozza19910 06-02-2008
    Lost: This is a Kate music video to the song Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson (I lv the song) the stroyline is that because of Kates relationship with her mam/real dad/dad and tom she finds it hard to trust anyone im really happy with the way the video hs turne
    Kate Because Of You
  • Kate/Jack You Found Me

    by lozza19910 05-27-2008
    Lost: this is a Jate video set to Kelly Clarkson's vsong You Found Me, Its from Kate Point of View after very thing she has done/been though Kate is so happy that Jack has found her and he will love her for who she is and he will never leave her, video follows
    Kate/Jack You Found Me
  • Kate/Jack/Sawyer We Might aswell be Strangers

    by lozza19910 04-19-2008
    Lost: This is a AU off the island :) music video to Keane We Might awell be strangers, the stroyline is that on the island jack sees kate and sawyer and he is heartbroken (the Intro) and when the music starts kate is off the island and she is wi
    Kate/Jack/Sawyer We Might aswell be Strangers
  • Kate/Jack/Juilet Behind These Hazel eyes

    by lozza19910 03-31-2008
    Lost: This is a video to the Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kellly Clarkson. The stroyline is that kate is with Jack and she thinks everything is perfect until one day when she sees Juilet kissing Jack, kate is broken inside becuase she though that jack was the on
    Kate/Jack/Juilet Behind These Hazel eyes
  • Kate and Jack Don't

    by lozza19910 03-28-2008
    Lost: This is my 2nd video on LVI and im exicted!!! the stroyline is Kate and jack are best friends kate is in love with Jack but does not know how he feels until she tells him something
    Kate and Jack Don't
  • Kate nobody's home

    by lozza19910 03-23-2008
    Lost: This is my 1st ever video on LVI and im so happy. this video is about kate dealing with what she has done and how sawyer and jack try to help her and her feeling bout her mother father i lv this song and i think it is great for kate
    Kate nobody's home
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