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  • Hide and Seek

    by lostrocks22 06-09-2007
    Lost: Ben's time on the island hasn't been as easy as he's led everyone on to believe.
    Hide and Seek
  • Bensaw

    by lostrocks22 11-24-2006
    Lost: AU Ben is torturing the people on this island to teach them to appreaciate their lives. like Saw
  • Ram On

    by lostrocks22 08-24-2006
    Lost: Kate feels as though she has to give her love away to be happy. But who to?
    Ram On
  • Unwritten

    by lostrocks22 05-07-2006
    Lost: The survivors choose to live life the way they want to.
  • Yesterday

    by lostrocks22 12-05-2005
    Lost: A bitter-sweet Shayid vid.
  • Doves Cry

    by lostrocks22 11-11-2005
    Lost: An angry/sad/happy Shayid vid. Based mostly on Abandoned.
    Doves Cry
  • Fix You

    by lostrocks22 09-22-2005
    Lost: A Vid. in which I try to describe Shannon and Sayids relationship as best as I can.
    Fix You
  • Rich Girl

    by lostrocks22 09-05-2005
    Lost: A vid. about Shannon.
    Rich Girl
  • X&Y

    by lostrocks22 08-04-2005
    Lost: A Sayid/Shayid vid. Really cool, come watch!
  • Love Letters

    by lostrocks22 07-29-2005
    Lost: A sayid/shannon montage, with a twist.
    Love Letters
1-10 of 10 Videos 1