Username: lostie_2342
Vidder Rank: Novice Vidder
Other Fandoms: Smallville, Buffy & Angel,Superman, and many others.
Website: http://www.youtube.com/batista149

Bio: I'm just your ordinary Lost fan. The greatest show ever, if I do say so myself.

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  • LOST Heroes

    by lostie_2342 01-18-2008
    Lost: This video is about four characaters on Lost that I view as heroes. Jack, Locke, Desmond, and Charlie are featured. This is my second lost video and I hope you all enjoy.
    LOST Heroes
  • LOST: Seasons 1-3

    by lostie_2342 01-15-2008
    Lost: This is my first Lost video and I was just hoping that people would enjoy it. It basically is a nine minute recap of the first three seasons set in music video style.
    LOST: Seasons 1-3
1-2 of 2 Videos 1