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lostie_08 (Emily)

Username: lostie_08
Alternate Name: Emily
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  • Lost Season 6 Trailer - This is Our Destiny

    by lostie_08 01-14-2010
    Lost: Short trailer for season 6
    Lost Season 6 Trailer - This is Our Destiny
  • Forest Gump

    by lostie_08 09-24-2008
    Lost: A lost crossover with one of my favourite films Forest Gump. I just made this for fun really because i love the film but thought i may as well post it. thanks to kat for the young kate clips ;)
    Forest Gump
  • Bubbly

    by lostie_08 09-02-2008
    Lost: Just a cute jate vid! this is the first full vid ive made with vegas so i know its not very good, i really just made it to get my head round vegas! please let me know what you think and how i could improve :D
  • Who says you can't go home

    by lostie_08 06-15-2008
    Lost: June 2008 contest submission After leaving the island kate realises that it is the only place that ever felt like a home to her. she also misses sawyer and wants to go back for him.
    Who says you can't go home
  • claire/charlie - here without you

    by lostie_08 06-02-2008
    Lost: claire and charlies relationship and how she copes when he has gone.
    claire/charlie - here without you
1-5 of 5 Videos 1