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Bio: Heya, Im Becky and i <3 LOST!! x

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  • Another life

    by lostchick 08-21-2006
    Lost: This is about ana and jack how they met before the crash and then reunited after the crash
    Another life
  • Bring me to life

    by lostchick 07-25-2006
    Lost: This is a video about jack and kate there problems they have and good times
    Bring me to life
  • sexy love

    by lostchick 06-30-2006
    Lost: it is about jack and kate the 2 lost lovers
    sexy love
  • lets get it started

    by lostchick 06-28-2006
    Lost: this is about the surviors of the plane crash 815 it inclues fighting and kissing and dieing.
    lets get it started
1-4 of 4 Videos 1