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Username: lillypop
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Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/evi815
Email: carol@evangeline-lilly.netLVI
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Bio: We're Carol Lilly (evi815) from Brazil and Pauline (Lollipauline) from France. I, Carol, don't have Sony Vegas, so besides this account I have the account kahlilly which I share with my other friend Kah (kcqf). I don't have to mention that the three of us love Kate and Jate ;)

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  • [Jate] You have not lost me

    by lillypop 03-18-2009
    Lost: Huge thanks to Anna (pruedens) for helping finishing up the video. So this video was made by 3 Jaters. There's no description, it's Jate, it's love <3
    [Jate] You have not lost me
  • Jate - Ashes and Wine

    by lillypop 07-24-2008
    Lost: Basically Jack and Kate have been Ashes and Wine to each other, Kate's insecure, but she'll eventually realize that Jack always 'changes his mind' and comes back to his true love.
    Jate - Ashes and Wine
  • J&K - You and I collide

    by lillypop 07-31-2007
    Lost: We're Carol Lilly and Pauline and this is our first vid to show why Jate is Fate x)
    J&K - You and I collide
1-3 of 3 Videos 1