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  • Hero (Jate)

    by k8icraven 03-31-2012
    Lost: Jack and Kate tribute, more from Jack's POV for a change.
    Hero (Jate)
  • She Has To Hold My Hand; Jate AU

    by k8icraven 04-21-2010
    Lost: Jate AU: full description of story is on YT.
    She Has To Hold My Hand; Jate AU
  • Emotional and Intense moments

    by k8icraven 10-03-2009
    Lost: I was looking through my uploaded videos the other day and came across this one; my first ever lost video. Its also strangely my most successful video so I couldnt believe that I had yet to upload it here. So here it is, dont expect great editing or effec
    Emotional and Intense moments
  • Not As We

    by k8icraven 07-20-2009
    Lost: I finally got round to doing a prequel to 'I need his heart' which is the second part in my Made to be Broken trilogy.Full desciption is on youtube.
    Not As We
  • For You Only

    by k8icraven 07-08-2009
    Lost: *HQ* Just a little jate vid. Enjoy!
    For You Only
  • Jate - The Beginning

    by k8icraven 07-08-2009
    Lost: Before the moments began ...
    Jate - The Beginning
  • AU I need his heart

    by k8icraven 04-02-2009
    Lost: This is the first installment of my 'Made to be Broken' trilogy. Coming soon is a prequel and sequel, so I guess this is the middle part of the story. Summary: Kate can't survive without her two guardian angels; the love of her life Jack, and her best fri
    AU I need his heart
  • Love Actually is all around (ensemble)

    by k8icraven 12-22-2008
    Lost: Merry Christmas!
    Love Actually is all around (ensemble)
  • Skate movie trailer

    by k8icraven 12-01-2008
    Lost: This is a Skate version of the Jate trailer i made a while back. I know 5 mins is too long for a trailer but i gave jate 5 mins so i couldnt not give skate 5 mins! lol Sorry for the bad quality in parts. Hope you enjoy! xxx
    Skate movie trailer
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream

    by k8icraven 11-02-2008
    Lost: October 2008 contest submission Full description on You Tube
    A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Jack and Kate movie trailer

    by k8icraven 09-28-2008
    Lost: A movie trailer of Jack and Kate. It's not that good but i managed to include I think all my fav jate scenes. Hope some of you will enjoy it anyway! xxx
    Jack and Kate movie trailer
  • The Gravity of Love

    by k8icraven 06-18-2008
    Lost: Not a realistic theory and a bit cheesy but its basically the concept of this force called the Gravity of love that always pulls Jack and Kate together so they channel the force into pulling them back were they belong together.
    The Gravity of Love
1-12 of 12 Videos 1