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Bio: I've taken a break from vidding. I have no idea when I'll make another one. Its been a long time, though.

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  • Time is Running Out

    by k4x 06-26-2006
    Lost: Desmond character study. His relationship with the hatch and computer.
    Time is Running Out
  • Hypnotize

    by k4x 01-22-2006
    Lost: J/K/S vid. When Jack and Kate fight Sawyer sees his opportunity to jump in and try to take her. AU ending!
  • Man Of Action

    by k4x 12-23-2005
    Lost: December 2005 contest submission.
    Man Of Action
  • Fire Coming Out of the Monkeys Head

    by k4x 11-12-2005
    Lost: The survivors fear only what theyre turning into: The Others.
    Fire Coming Out of the Monkeys Head
  • Haunted Hatch

    by k4x 10-23-2005
    Lost: October 2005 contest 3rd place winner!
    Haunted Hatch
  • Hotel California

    by k4x 09-30-2005
    Lost: Some of the survivors realize that maybe their life on the island is better than what their lives were in the outside world.
    Hotel California
  • Lost/ Homestar Runner Video Epic

    by k4x 09-04-2005
    Lost: A 5 part Lost/Homestar Runner crossover video. Includes 5 songs.
    Lost/ Homestar Runner Video Epic
  • Last Living Souls

    by k4x 08-06-2005
    Lost: The Lostaways are the Last Living Souls
    Last Living Souls
  • LOST/ Captain Planet Crossover

    by k4x 08-03-2005
    Lost: Jack is Captain Planet!!
    LOST/ Captain Planet Crossover
  • Cheeseburger In Paradise

    by k4x 08-02-2005
    Lost: Hurley tells Sawyer a story about how he is a Cheeseburger In Paradise and everyone on the island makes him up as a tasty treat. lol
    Cheeseburger In Paradise
  • One

    by k4x 08-01-2005
    Lost: Loneliness...
  • LOST Surf Medley Part 1

    by k4x 07-16-2005
    Lost: Lush surfer/ocean type scenes set to fabulous surfer music. (Part 1)
    LOST Surf Medley Part 1
  • Happy Birthday Aaron!

    by k4x 07-14-2005
    Lost: A tribute to our newest Lostaway! (With commentary!)
    Happy Birthday Aaron!
  • Good Times Bad Times

    by k4x 07-14-2005
    Lost: Jack and Sawyer fight over Kate, until someone else comes along and snatches her away from them both.
    Good Times Bad Times
  • Sensitive To You

    by k4x 07-12-2005
    Lost: When Kate starts seeing flashbacks of the plane crash whenever she's with Sawyer, she questions whether she should be with him or Jack.
    Sensitive To You
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