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  • Apologize

    by jchamb03 08-08-2008
    Lost: Desmond and Penny to Apologize
  • It Ends Tonight

    by jchamb03 08-04-2008
    Lost: July 2008 contest submission; All of Jack's post island lies finally start to get to him.
    It Ends Tonight
  • Jate *The Scientist*

    by jchamb03 07-07-2008
    Lost: AU: After the rescue, Kate and Jack get married, but he catches her with Sawyer. They end up breaking up and he begs her to go back to the island so they can go back to the way things were before they left.
    Jate *The Scientist*
  • Lost-Lux Aeterna

    by jchamb03 07-01-2008
    Lost: Ensemble video
    Lost-Lux Aeterna
  • Roxanne

    by jchamb03 05-31-2008
    Lost: May 2008 contest submission
  • Jate

    by jchamb03 07-31-2007
    Lost: A video about jack and kate to the lost theme song. Focuses mainly on their relationship in Season 3.
  • Kate to Fighter

    by jchamb03 07-29-2007
    Lost: This is a Kate centric video. Clips come from Season 1 and 2 of Lost.
    Kate to Fighter
1-7 of 7 Videos 1