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  • All Out Of Love

    by jarofclay73 06-05-2008
    Lost: I experimented with a slow song and using different video effects. I just used the first song on my iTunes and see if I could make a LOST fan video with it. I'm not a Jater but there was a LOT of Jack & Kate footage in Season 4.
    All Out Of Love
  • Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

    by jarofclay73 05-20-2008
    Lost: After getting advice from some people here, I think I know what's wrong with this video. However, I want to submit it anyway. Please post your criticism because I really want to get better.
    Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    by jarofclay73 05-18-2008
    Lost: I thought this Pat Benatar song fit this season of Lost well, especially for scenes in The Shape Of Things To Come.
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  • Do You Realize??

    by jarofclay73 05-17-2008
    Lost: My first attempt at a Lost fan video. I used an archaic editing program that came with my DVD burner.
    Do You Realize??
1-4 of 4 Videos 1